Date: 2nd April 2020 at 10:39am
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With the football season on hold due to the coronavirus Rotherham United are just one of all English football clubs who are still unsure of how the season will pan out.

A meeting yesterday among the Professional Footballers’ Association, the Premier League, the EFL and the League Managers Association ended with no solution except to say there would be no re-starting of the season until it was ‘safe to do so’ and there would be more meetings in the next two days. To be honest I’m doubting that a decision about what is going to happen will be decided on then either.

Meanwhile this week the Chairman and Board members of National League side Maidenhead United sent an open letter to the FA and PL with a solution to the problem.

They seem to speak for the whole of the National League Clubs and say the season should end now saying that it is time for the FA and PL to man up and accept that the season in their leagues is over too saying ,’quite simply put, it is abhorrent to stick our heads in the sand and insist ‘we will finish the season at all costs’ when people are dying’.

They have, what they say is a simple solution which is –

•Cancel the remainder of the season for all football. 
•Decide issues of league winners/promotion using Points Per Game (PPG). 
•Crucially, do not relegate any teams. 
• Also, of fundamental importance, treat all leagues in the football pyramid the same from the top to bottom.

Going on to say ‘This solution means that, when things return to normal, football will be ready to return.’

I think for the First Division that would mean Coventry and Rotherham would be promoted and I’m not by any means saying it would be fair but as a Millers fan it would obviously work for me!

But, I do wonder if Maidenhead weren’t in the relegation places in the National League if their Board members would be so keen to want there to be no relegation?

What do you think?

Keep Safe.

Up The Millers.

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2 Replies to “More Meetings To Find Season Solution”

  • caz i think the seson should end now with75% of the season gone it seems to me the only fair way .football needs to get baxk to normality and give managers a chance to sort players and cotracts out for the new season. its not ideal i know but i cant see this season starting anytime soon I think to run over into next season is a bad idea up the millers

    • I think there are pros and cons for every scenario CinL – but I do think they’ve got to say which sooner rather than later

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