Date: 13th August 2018 at 7:01pm
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Rotherham United fans, and, to be fair, Manager Paul Warne, have been saying for months that we need midfielders.

As soon as we’d settled down after our Wembley win to get into the Championship we all started to look at the squad, look who’d gone back to parent clubs and looking at the players who’d been allowed to leave.

We needed a goalkeeper – we got Marek Rodak back.

We perhaps needed someone up front to help out the strikers – we got Kyle Vassell.

We brought in other players too – but none of these were a midfielder.

We were after midfielders we were told. We were hoping to bring in one if not two before the transfer deadline finished. None appeared but it didn’t matter because there’s still the loan transfer window open. We were told we hoped to be bringing one in before Saturday’s game with Ipswich. Well, we’d heard that before and I don’t think we were that surprised when no-one appeared.

I think, and it is only my thoughts, that Warney was relying too much on Richie Towell coming back from Brighton, either on loan, on loan with thoughts of signing him later in the season, or on a permanent deal. His was the name on all our tongues in pre-season, his was the name bandied about before the season started. He was the one we all expected to come. On the grapevine at the game on Saturday it was being said that the clubs and player had agreed terms. If that’s true then what’s holding it all up?

Of course there still is time to fetch players in on loan – tomorrow two might be signed, some might come in before Saturday’s visit to Leeds United, and I don’t think there’s any need to panic – well not until it gets to 31st August if we are still trying to get players in.

Anyone got any names they’d like to share with us of who might be coming in?

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2 Replies to “Will We Get A Midfielder In This Month?”

  • Fair comment. I think maybe we should keep our hopes to ourselves a little more as being so open can give problems that are so obvious I will not state them.

    • You are probably right about that. Too many times in the past it’s been all over the internet about this player and that we are hoping to fetch in, though I do sometimes think that’s been agents talk.

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