Warne On Ladapo Transfer Request

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Rotherham United Manager Paul Warne had addressed the news that striker Freddie Ladapo has put in a transfer request by saying, ‘I’d rather he left today than in three weeks time’.

Speaking to Radio Sheffield after the news broke earlier today the Millers Boss said, ‘I was a bit surprised. But he feels that he wants to take his career on a new path somewhere else and I respect that. I can try to talk him around but I can’t affect his emotions. It’s his career and respectively we have accepted the transfer request though I didn’t know players still put transfer requests in.

‘But I’m not anticipating that he’s leaving. There hasn’t been an offer and we haven’t turned down an offer in two-and-a-half years for Freddie. So, until an offer comes in it’s just business as usual.

‘He scored in mid-week and he’s trained well today. And until an offer comes in that is agreeable with the Chairman he is still our player. And if Freddie is to leave, which will be a disappointment to us all, then I’d rather he left today than in three weeks time. It’s just a pity that this has been leaked because I’d rather have kept it in-house.

Saying they will be preparing for Ladapo’s departure Warney carried on, ‘To be fair prior to this window we were preparing for the fact that players could go but we won’t be getting a striker in knowing that potentially someone could leave because that won’t balance the books.

‘Until something happens then I will be using Freddie as I see fit because he’s a good player.’

Paul Warne also said that there had been no club come in to buy any of the other players although there had been a couple asking about loans admitting that ‘everyone wants JJ’. He also went on to say that he doubts anything will happen during this window. He is also expecting the players who are on loan with the Millers will be staying put although that could change.

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