Date: 25th April 2021 at 9:55am
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Rotherham United Manager Paul Warne told Radio Sheffield that the decision that we are all talking about in the opening minutes of the game at Oakwell yesterday reaffirms his belief that ‘everyone wants us down.’

The Matt Crooks decision was appalling on Wednesday night and made worse yesterday when we found out the red card hadn’t been rescinded then for the self-same incident to happen yesterday with Carlton Morris leading with his arm on our goalkeeper with Viktor Johansson ending up on the ground and with a nasty eye socket injury and for nothing to be given makes it feel like the world of football is definitely against us.

In my humble opinion both of the players involved in these incidents only had eyes for the ball but for one to get a straight red and the other to be given the goal and nothing makes the laws in football look ridiculous. Carlton Morris didn’t celebrate the goal because he told Warne that he was waiting for a foul to be given.

Warne said that the goal incident was what we lost too and, yes, we did but we did have chances to score, chances to win. But we didn’t take those chances and some of those misses made me cringe as much as the incident involving the Barnsley goal.

The last two games have seen two big decisions go against us, the Gaffer was clearly emotional when he made this statement that ‘everyone wants us down’ and I’m not quite sure who the ‘everyone’ he is referring too is but, let me tell you, the fans of Rotherham United don’t want ‘us down’.

We’ve got to keep going until it’s impossible to stay up and then we’ve got to keep going again to get ready for next season.

And although we feel disappointed, disillusioned, annoyed and every other word you can think of knowing that ‘nobody loves us’ we have to keep positive – without positivity we have nothing.

Up The Millers.

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11 Replies to “Nobody Loves Us But We Have To Stay Positive”

  • caz i always thought footall managers where judged on results whats changed at rotherham c in l

    • CinL – of course points/results matter but if we, as fans, can see what they are trying to do surely that helps. And I don’t want to be one of those teams who are constantly changing managers.

  • hi gaz how those referees sleep at night lets see if they can redeem themselves in the next 4 games and leave us alone fighting to the end up the millers dermot fox

    • Honestly, Dermot, I don’t think they think about it. If they did we’d not have anyone left to ref the games.

  • It was predictable but to me unseemly that fans and management are blaming some sort of conspiracy. I do not remember any RUFC fans apologising to Crewe when in a TV game against WBA the ref missed a WBA goal that was two foot over the line. We held on for 1:1 and Crewe were relegated on GD while we stayed up. Swings and roundabouts. Poor management, atrocious finishing, poor decision making, poor passing and a complete refusal by the club to invest are the reasons we have struggled.

    • I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard our manager say anything like this, Kevin. He was as frustrated yesterday as most of us. Poor finishing is my bug bear. We can’t have that many chances in the Championship and not be taking at least half if not more of them.

  • kevin is spot on again lack of investment and poor management. the chairman needs to spend c in l

  • Agreed with lots said, but miller’s will never b a spending club, without mass investment, still bow t Stewart frm where we were at millmoor & over the last 12mnths,they also won’t get rid of warney either still the best fit for our budget, shud av had 4 yesterday same story all season, said all season needed a cool maybe older pro upfront, warney has alot of raw & youth but need mixture

  • Rotherham united are not good enough ,very poor side and excuses about the world against us is warne pathetic way of trying to deflect what a shambolic team we have .

  • Nah Stuart disagree not a poor side just youthful & make mistakes, still a top 4 in league 1,but there lies the problem not good enough for champs

  • what i read in fiancial papers tony stewart is wortb 60 million and with the football club 180 million so dont tell me he cant spend a few grand if he wants to thats the question if he wants to. He managers his money well or he would not have what he as c in l

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