Date: 28th January 2019 at 8:57am
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Rotherham United are lingering at the bottom of the Championship – two points above Reading, who are in twenty-second place and who have a game in hand, which is against fellow relegation club Bolton Wanderers on Tuesday.

We’ve already asked whose fault people think it is on Vital Rotherham with some saying the Chairman for not spending more on players, some saying the Manager for not getting the tactics right and some saying the players for not playing how we, the fans, think they should be.

As a Millers fans for more years than I care to remember we have always had to take the good times and crow while they are happening and try and shrug off the bad times which always seems to be round the corner.

One thing I have noticed is that Millers fans (and this may be football fans in general) have always wanted to ‘blame’ someone, have a scapegoat. Last week Zak Vyner copped it when there were cheers when he was substituted. People behind me actually shouting towards the lad too. This week at half-time when the subs, which Vyner was one of, were doing their workouts they came running towards us and many of us stood to give them a clap, most of us, I am sure, meaning that for Vyner. What amazed me was the people who were shouting and moaning at him last week were stood this week giving him a round of applause. Football fans, eh!

This week another player came off the bench, Jerry Yates, and because of a blunder Leeds scored the winner – or did they? Let’s be right here Yates probably did lose the ball but there were a number of other Rotherham players there to try and stop Leeds before they scored!

You know, everyone makes mistakes, I’m sure I make them daily and if people moaned and groaned at me every time I’m sure I’d be a quivering wreck sat in the corner most of the day. I know it’s different in sport when a mistake is seen by thousands of people and I also know how frustrating it is for the fans of the team who make a mistake. And I bet there are Leeds United fans out there who think their players made mistakes yesterday too.

Most of the Rotherham players have never played in the Championship before. And, in my mind, it’s a completely different game to what you get in Leagues One and Two with a lot of these Championship teams having recently been in the Premier League.

We’re off to The Den next weekend and Millwall will be floating on air after beating Everton in the FA Cup on Saturday. So, to the Millers fans making the trip, let’s give the lads a good reception, let’s encourage them for all the game, let’s get behind them.

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2 Replies to “We All Make Mistakes”

  • You raise some Good points caz! The milers are heading back to league one which in all honesty is our level, everybody makes mistakes that’s life, have made countless over the years, The problem with Tony Stewart is he wants success without costing and in the championship that’s never going to happen, Am Rotherham united through and through but Mr Stewart needs to be honest and admit we cannot compete in the championship, let’s be content with Accrington & donny rovers gracing the new york turf.

    • Yes, I have a bet on with someone and I said I’d buy him a drink if we go down and he said he’d buy me one if we stay up – I rather think my optimism is fading and I’ll be buying that drink! BUT I don’t want to go to Accrington!

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