Date: 8th April 2018 at 10:03pm
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Rotherham United got back to winning ways on Saturday, beating, probably the in-form side in League One at the moment, Fleetwood Town three-two.

But what did we learn?

Well we learned that it’s spring! After popping out in the morning in a little jacket and realising it wasn’t as warm as it looked the ‘big coat’ was out for the match – it remained opened as the weather had turned and spring was in the air.

We learned that Millers Manager Paul Warne wasn’t only thankful for his skipper Richard Wood for scoring the winner but he was thankful that it came off Woody’s knee because the Gaffer says he’s ‘terrible with his feet’!

Another thing on the learning curve was that Rotherham fans are rather intolerable of the opposition corner takers not putting the ball in or on the marked line. This is one of my pet hates too and yes, I know, a couple of inches won’t make that much difference but looking at it like that you may as well not have the white curve there in the first place and let players take corners from where they want.

We also found out that Fleetwood fans don’t travel. I really thought there would be more than the one hundred and fifty-six there with the Cod Army coming to the New York Stadium on the back of four wins.

Maybe the most important thing we learned was that we are still shaking our heads at our defence. I understood that training last week included ‘how to stop the opposition scoring from set-pieces’. Maybe they thought our ‘keeper was positioned to catch the first goal from the corner but the Fleetwood lad had a lot of space for the header. Their second was just a mix-up.

Perhaps we should learn that when you’re being tugged about in or around the area you should go down – surely, eventually, the ref will give you something! (Mind you, this might be my wishful thinking).

Another thing we should have learned from Saturday is that ‘think about passing but if you can get the ball in the box then do it’ because there could be an opposing defender who will let the ball hit him and score a goal for you!

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