Date: 16th December 2007 at 5:27pm
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Rotherham Vital’s last poll was all about the Millers Scarves

As a child I remember having a knitted red and white scarf – which not only went pink when it was washed, but got longer as the season progressed – for some reason, washing it always made it grow (no comments please!) Actually, it was a miracle we didn’t end up strangling ourselves with them! I do remember walking past Ferham Park and someone tried to steal my scarf which ended in a tug of war, which, I might add, I won – but probably didn’t do the scarf any good at all!

Our question was:

What sort of supporters scarf do you think the Millers should have?

The people who voted actually voted for the red and white striped one.

Red and White Stripes (51%)
Red and White but not striped (22%)
Red with white logo on (16%)
Other (11%)
White with red logo on (0%)