Date: 2nd April 2018 at 9:42pm
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Rotherham United have won just one game in their last six, four points out of eighteen, but are still in fourth place in League One and still five points ahead of the two teams below them, Peterborough and Charlton.

But are the Millers getting a bit complacent?

I’ve noticed that some players for some of the game have appeared to switch off – yes the defenders are probably most to blame for this but it’s not only them. As we always say, ‘defending begins from the front’ and, to be frank, at home often the midfield has gone AWOL for minutes at a time.

I just wonder if the players think they’ve already done enough to secure a place in the play-off positions? Have they taken their eye off the ball, gone off the boil? And I say players because I really don’t think the management team have.

There’s six games to go and we know it’s doubtful that we could get an automatic position, things might happen (this is football after all) and some of these dropped points, especially at home, could actually mean something.

Being Warney’s players I’m surprised I’m thinking that they are complacent – it’s just not like his team. And, I think for the first time, after the Charlton game he actually came as near to criticising them as I’ve heard as well as keeping them in the dressing room for thirty minutes or so.

Of course, I don’t expect us to win every game, especially those away and we’ve done ever so well this season, a lot better than expected, but I don’t want to end the season saying, ‘if only’.

If only we’d concentrated until the final whistle on Good Friday, if only we’d not let Rochdale get the better of us at home, if only we’d not lost our lead at Stadium:MK.

Do I think we’ll still be in a play-off place going into the last game of the season? Yes, I do. Do I think we will make it easy? Nope!

How do you feel?

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