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Ben answers for Brentford FC

1, What is your name and how long have you supported your club ?
Ben Small, I’m the editor on the Brentford-mad.co.uk website and I’d class myself as a genuine football fan, Brentford are my addopted club at the moment because they are the closest team to where i go to university.

2, How do you think you will do this season ?
At the moment I think Brentford are very much in a transitional phase, I think it’s difficult to judge our final position yet however as I really believe our season could go either way. To be honest I would be satisfied with a mid table finish, if we achieved anything like we have done in the last two years I’d be amazed.

3, What kind of line up can we expect from your team ?
The Bees usually line up 4-4-2, we’ve got a horrendus injury list at the moment so its a bit difficult to predict the team to be honest!

4, Who is your best player and why ?
I would say Kevin O’Connor or Jo Kuffour. O’Connor is our captain and he’s inspirational whenever he steps in the pitch, he’s probably going to be out injured for the game though. Kuffour is our star of the season so far, he’s netted five or six goals and looks like a player of real promise.

5, Who is your worst player and why ?
It’s difficult to say worst, i’d say our ‘least effective’ is normally callum willock but he’s been decent in the last few weeks. We have a lot of young players and for an experienced pro he’s not actually that good!

6, Do you think your manager is doing a good job?
Despite our League position I would say that Leroy has done an excellent job. He works under very difficult circumstances and to say that I think he’s done a very good job with limited resources.

7, If you could change one thing about your club what would it be ?
Prehaps a wealthy bennefactor would be benificial or 7 genuine World Class players!

8, Who is your all time best player?
To be honest I know very little about bees players of the past, but I know that we have had some very good players kitted out in te red and white stripes, Steve Sidwell, Paul Merson, Stan Bowles, Marcus Gayle and Les Ferdinand are just a couple of the top class ones. We’d have quite an all time dream team for a League One club!

9, What is the best game you have ever seen involving your club?
Theres been a few in recent memories most great encounters involving Brentford have been FA Cup matches. The 2-0 against Sunderland last season and the 2-2 draw against Southampton were both excellent.

10, And finally Tea,Coffee or Bovril ?
Tea without a doubt, I know Bovril is the ‘official’ drink of football supporters but I really cant bring myself to drink something similar to hot gravy!

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