Date: 18th October 2018 at 9:21am
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Rotherham United come back from the international break with a home game against Bolton Wanderers on Saturday.

Millers second in command Richie Barker told iFOLLOW that the break had come at the right time for the club.

Now I’ve never really been one for having these breaks in the season, I’ve always thought that it split the football up. You’d just get going and there was a break, you’d get into a rhythm again and another break.

But, this time I’m fully in agreement with Richie Barker. With the injuries Rotherham have suffered we were down to the remaining few fit – or in some cases nearly fit – players going into the break and this few days down-time has, we hope, given them time to recover.

It has also given the thirteen or so players who had played in the last three games, and mostly played well, some time to rest their weary bones and get ready for the next run-in.

So, if you ever hear me say ‘oh another international break’ then you have my permission to remind me of these last few weeks when there were times we didn’t have enough players to fill the bench.

To answer the question in the title – I’m very much being swayed to the ‘Yes’ brigade.

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