Date: 16th January 2019 at 1:59pm
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The January Transfer Window is well under way with Rotherham United having brought in midfielder Matt Crooks from Northampton Town.

Matt joined the Millers on Friday, although he wasn’t involved in the game at Ipswich Town, signing a deal until the summer of 2022. The now twenty-four year old had a spell as a youngster with Manchester United but came through the Youth ranks with Huddersfield Town where he had various loan spells before February 2015 saw him sign a deal with Accrington Stanley. In July 2016 Matt moved to North of the Border with Rangers but he played few games and had a loan spell with Scunthorpe before moving to Sixfields in August 2017 playing over fifty games.

But what other players do we need in?

Let’s see – we’ve scored twenty-five goals in the league which leaves just two teams (both below us) who have scored less. So, yes, we need someone who can find the net. I’m not saying Michael Smith can’t do that but while he’s chasing up the pitch helping not only in midfield but in defence as well and he gets the ball, looks up to pass and there is no Rotherham player there for him to do that too. I think we need a ‘number ten’ or let Smith be the ‘number ten’ and fetch in a goal scorer. Of course, we already have a ‘number ten’ who is currently playing for Bradford City (just saying). We know Paul Warne has been looking at a striker and is waiting for the nod.

And we need a big old fashioned defender or a pair of defenders. Now it’s great that all the players get on together, go out together, play nice together but we need someone who can get rough and tough – a bit like a Martin McIntosh, a Chris Swailes – or a centre-half in the mould of Ian Sharps.

On the other hand, of course, we might not get anyone else in.

There’s also the ‘going outs’ which could involve Jerry Yates returning to Carlisle, who were apparently watching him in our reserve game yesterday. He scored seven goals for the Cumbrians before being recalled by Rotherham due to an injury crisis and, as he came off the bench on Saturday, due to rules and regulations, he can only play for the Millers or Carlisle.

Whatever happens it will all have to happen before the window shuts on 31st of the month.

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7 Replies to “Will We Get Any More In This Month?”

  • It will be the same as usual with Warne and is band of brothers mentality, targets missed going elsewhere and Warne and Co trotting out a familiar round of excuses, very depressing and very predictable with calamity Warne at the helm.

  • It’s ok having a luvvy dub you dressing room and no bad eggs!! But surely the key to a good Manager is the abilityis to do what the name says ‘ Manage’ the mix of characters which are needed to be successful.Man Utd and Pogba is an example where he has to be managed individually to get the best results.Theres nothing wrong with an ego based on true ability. Sadly Warne is trying to make managing easy by recruiting players who don’t push boundary’s. The team is then boring and missing the success when we had characters such as Ronnie Moore Steve Evans and Neil Warnock at the helm. It must change and Mr Stewart must bite the bullet and open his wallet. Until this happens RUFC will be the team the press love to predict to fail.

  • Have you lot herd yourselves? Mr Stuart saved this club from extinction with his own money I wonder how many of you would do the same? Paul warn bleeds red and white and I haven’t seen a team yet under him that doesn’t fight till the death! They may be out classed but thats down to budget and having to work with what your budget allows. Not to long ago this club was asking for handouts just to survive. Now we are playing in the championship against teams with a £100000000 + budget I think we doing OK

    • We are eternally grateful to Mr Tony Stewart but times move on, stop conning the Rotherham united supporters if there is no intention of kicking on in the championship with a positive and productive transfer policy with regards signings, Paul Warne and is good human beings band of brothers mentality is all well and good to a point but Mr calamity Warne is proving to be a monotonous bore with the same rhetoric spouted out over and over again, sick of hearing this clown ????

  • I think we are all grateful to Tony Stewart for what he’s done for our club but I don’t think he’s personally got the monies that will keep us in the Championship. I think he needs to get someone in beside him to take what he’s already done up to the next scale. I love Warney – but I wonder if that makes me a bit ‘rose tinted glasses’.

  • Mr Miller . The past is not forgotten and after supporting the Club for over 55 years I think I too must have red and white blood in my veins. I also reckon I have invested plenty of my hard earned wages in the club by being one of the loyal supporters at Millmoor on the Tivoli freezing in the winter months. Unfortunately I did not have the success of Mr Stewart or I would have happily applied my funds. Remember Mr Stewart didn’t support or atten football until prompted by Rotherham Council to contribute. He has admitted that he’s made mistakes but has learned a lot over the last 10 years. I would say he will never stop learning at RUFC and he would be best advised to look to an experienced Director of football to assist him and to bolster his Board of Directors which at the moment is less football knowledgable than most other Clubs. Mr Stewart has given us success and facilities worthy of good football for which he gained freedom of the town and his latest New Years honour. His current reliance on Warne and others passion for the club cannot sustain Championship success and will only allow the club to find its own level. Without further investment on the playing staff a mid to top level in Div1 is most likely. That ironically would allow the purchase of bargain basement players and we would win away and score some goals!!!
    Alternatively keep heads in the sand and dream of the Premiership. UTM.

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