Will Warne Still Be In Charge Next Season?

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Rotherham United Manager Paul Warne has told local newspaper theRotherham Advertiser that he isn’t really surprised that he and his staff are being linked with Blackburn Rovers.

Saying, ‘our lads won a trophy and got promoted from a very tough league so why wouldn’t Blackburn like what my staff have been doing.’ Warne went on to say, ‘It is nice to think we are included in people’s conversations, but I presume that’s all it is.’

So somewhat dismissing the rumour that he is 10/1 to get the vacant position at Ewood Park we then got to wondering if other clubs might make a move on the Millers Boss.

At the moment there appear to be just two other English league clubs without someone at the helm besides Rovers those being Blackpool and Swindon Town.

Might either of those have looked the New York Way? Well, Blackpool seem to be making a bee line for Cheltenham Town’s Michael Duff while the Robins haven’t been linked with anyone so far as I can see.

I’m not a betting person but if I was I’d like to think that Paul Warne will still be in charge of the Millers come the end of July.

But, of course, us Millers fans shouldn’t really be surprised that Warney has been head hunted after all, as he himself said, Rotherham had a good season, there aren’t many teams won promotion and a trophy at Wembley in one year. And, probably more importantly, Paul Warne is liked – we can probably even say loved – by his players. He sells the club to them before they sign, he keeps them happy while they are here and treats them like he would his own sons when they leave.

Would we be surprised if he is linked with other clubs before the start of the new season – probably not. Would we be surprised if he’s still here come the start of the new season – no.

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