Date: 7th October 2018 at 10:27am
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Birmingham City
3 – 1
Rotherham United

St Andrew's


6/10/2018 3:00 pm

Attendance: 19795

Referee: Keith Stroud

Birmingham City Rotherham United
Jutkiewicz (20,23,68) Taylor (77)
Camp Rodak
Colin Jones
Pedersen Matock
Morrison (Roberts 74) Vaulks
Dean Ajayi
Kieftenbeld Palmer (Vyner 88)
Jota Taylor
Gardner Manning (Wiles 63)
Maghoma (Mahoney 73) Newell (Vassell 55)
Adams (Lubala) Smith
Jutkiewic Williams


Trueman Price
Harding Onariase
Lakin Vyner
Roberts Forde
Lubala Wiles
Mahoney Lewthwaite
Solomon-Otabor Vassell

Game Statistics

13 Goal attempts 11
6 On Target 6
3 Corners 5
13 Fouls 13
0 Yellow Cards 1
0 Red Cards 0
43 % 57

Nobody ever said watching Rotherham United was going to be easy and, I think, yesterday away at Birmingham that was proved.

We didn’t start well – we were lethargic, defended poorly, didn’t create that much and when we did again the chances we had went missing.

So this is why I am a little baffled with what the stats are saying after yesterdays loss.

We had had fifty-seven per cent of the possession and our passing accuracy saw us get a whopping sixty-four per cent! – of which forty-nine per cent was in the opponents half. (Isn’t passing accuracy when you get the ball to a player who is on the same side as you? Because I thought our passing was pretty poor yesterday).

Then we come to the tackles stats – our tackles success rate was eighty-three per cent (mind you I suppose that’s of the tackles we actually made which, if memory serves, wasn’t all that many?)

I was pleased to see we’d had eleven shots at goal of which six were on target while eight of those were outside the box. (We shot from outside the box? Really?)

I often shake my head at the stats after a game usually because I can’t believe how poor they make us look. Today, I’m shaking my head and rolling my eyes because they made us look good.

In my humble opinion we played the better of the two sides for the final fifteen minutes of the game with probably the odd spark here and there in the other seventy-five minutes or so.

Perhaps the stats man had borrowed by usual rose coloured tinted glasses.


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