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Warne ‘We Underperformed In The Second Half’

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Rotherham United Manager Paul Warne said that today’s win over Burton Albion was a game of two halves.

Speaking to Radio Sheffield the Millers Boss said, ‘I thought we were pretty scintillating in the first half and I thought we could have had four or five goals. We started the second half pretty well because we scored straight away but, after that I thought it was all Burton. Losing they had to go for it and they asked no end of questions.

I have to sort of agree. I thought after we’d scored our second Burton would get an equaliser because they appeared to be the team who wanted it more. As for being scintillating in the first half, well, I’m not so sure about that. We weren’t able to string together two or three passes, we passed when we might have shot, shot when we might have passed to someone in a better position and, to be honest, looked, for want of a better word, twitchy.

‘Everything that was good about us in the first half,’ Warney carried on, ‘we didn’t do in the second half. We underperformed. But, in the end, the third goal took the pressure off us though because of our play in the second half it was probably undeserved. But, another day, another season we might have lost that game.

‘I think there is no disputing that some of the lads looked jaded today but there’s no mid-week game this week so the lads can get some rest. All in all we are pleased with the result but we always want better performances.’

We definitely weren’t at our best today but, as I’ve said before, if you can not be at your best and still win isn’t that the sign of a good team?

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