Date: 13th February 2020 at 3:20pm
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With Rotherham United playing last Friday and not having a mid-week game the Millers players have had a couple of days off but Millers Boss Paul Warne was still busy out watching games telling Radio Sheffield that he’d been to watch Coventry against Portsmouth on Tuesday saying really they were two teams who cancelled each other out – Rotherham having to go to Birmingham to take on Coventry in a couple of weeks.

Asked how easy it was to ignore the teams around the Millers, Warney said, ‘I don’t think it is easy. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t look at their results all the time. But if we try to win as many games as we can then the rest will look after itself.

‘But for all the teams at the top it can soon change and I’ve told the lads that I don’t want them to get a bit soft around the edges because they think they’ve got it sussed. As staff it’s key for us to make sure the lads don’t lose focus.’

I don’t know about you but I was sat listening as the goals were going in on Saturday and Tuesday willing the teams who were playing those around us to score! And doing a lot of groaning too.

I know we’ve said it before that we just have to keep doing what we are doing. You’d think that would be easy wouldn’t you. But I do think the last couple of games the players have had a bit of a nervous look about them.

We won at Lincoln, not only because of Matt Crooks’ goal but mostly, for me, because our defenders and goalkeeper kept the ball out of the net at the other end. If I’d been a neutral I’d probably have said a draw would have been a fair result – as a Miller I’m not going to say that.

The Millers will be looking for their sixth league win out of six at the New York Stadium on Saturday and I think there’s pressure right there for the players to not lose. But I also think we, the fans, can help by encouraging those who are on the pitch. Yes, I know there are those who say the players should give us something to shout about but come on, let’s spur them on from the start on Saturday from three sides of the ground.

As a wise man said to me on Friday night ‘there is only one team who can stop us going up and that’s Rotherham United’.

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