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Warne ‘We Had Chances But Didn’t Take Them’

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Rotherham United Manager Paul Warne said a ‘point is better than nothing’ after that’s what his team came away with from Wycombe today.

Speaking to IFollow after the goalless draw Warne said that Wycombe are always a team who are hard to play against saying, ‘I thought we created really good chances in the first half but we just didn’t take them.’

It sounds daft with all the goals we’ve scored and that we are top of the league but that last sentence is just the story of our season!

‘And,’ he carried on, ‘we didn’t really create enough in the second half to win it. But, if you’d offered me a point and a clean sheet before hand would I have taken it? Possibly. Would I like us to play better? Obviously I would. But considering we played Wednesday night and didn’t get back until one on Thursday morning I think the lads put a real shift in and I’m really proud of them. We could have gone gung-ho in the last ten minutes but waking up with a point tomorrow is good’

And I think we have to remember that we travelled all the way up to Hartlepool on Wednesday and then travelled all the way down to Wycombe on Friday with a training session fitted in between. Yes, I know, the older ones amongst us will be saying ‘we used to have a shift down t’pit and then go and play a game’ which I appreciate but football isn’t like that any more. It’s a completely different game.

‘The performance,’ the Gaffer said, ‘wasn’t amazing but it was OK. We will need to play better to pick up the necessary wins.’

The Millers have two home games now when a couple of clean sheets would be great and keep us at the top of the table.

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