Date: 8th May 2021 at 3:59pm
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Rotherham United Manager Paul Warne thought his team deserved three points today at the Cardiff City Stadium but a late goal saw them get just one which meant relegation.

Speaking to Quest after the one-all draw the Millers Boss said he felt a ‘little bit hollow’ saying, ‘The dressing room is devastated. I’ve thanked them all for their hard work. I thought the players made it really hard today for an unbelievable Cardiff side and my ‘keeper didn’t have many saves to make today. I can’t ask any more from my team except for maybe to take a chance or two.

‘ By conceding so late on it doesn’t allow you to really react. We didn’t clear from a throw-in and it went in, I couldn’t believe it when it went in. I thought our performance was worthy of a win and that’s probably the microcosm of our season where we’ve created plenty of chances and not taken enough.

If we’d have come away from here with a three-nil drubbing then I’d have thought we aren’t good enough for this standard but I honestly don’t believe that. I wanted the lads to remember this day for the right reasons, leave as heroes but, unfortunately, now they won’t. But that isn’t through lack of effort or determination it’s that little bit of quality we just missed to take a chance or two.

‘I’ve been griping about bad luck for a while and it looked like on the one day we need everything to go our way it felt like it may do.’

Letting his emotion show the Gaffer asked if he’d be happy to see the end of this season given what happened with the covid in the camp and having so many games is such little times, he said, ‘I’ve enjoyed watching our lads perform, being with my coaches and staff but emotionally,’ he carried on with tears in his eyes, ‘ it’s been tough.’

Asked if he was up for the challenge of carrying on next season Warne said, ‘Standing here now, no. I’m exhausted. I want to manage this football team but I’ve nothing more to give today. We will reconvene next week, lick our wounds look at any contract issues and try and recruit another side and go again’

It wouldn’t be much of a surprise to see many of this group of players still playing in the Championship next season – it’s just a pity it won’t be in a Millers shirt.

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8 Replies to “Warne ‘Our Performance Was Worthy Of A Win’”

  • Same old story wasn’t it??, still a massive warney fan, young spirited unknowns develops gives em chance, & they will run thro brick walls for him all day, again who ever goes goes with blessing they gave there best, for me just needed one r two more risks for this league r even experience, we r where we r back in league 1

  • Never understand the whole “still a massive warney fan” thing. Football is about results. I don’t care who our manager is, his affection for the club and his qualities as a human being. The job this season was to stay up. Warne failed in that job. We had a string of home games that PW said were cup finals and he failed to win them. We played four or five clubs with nothing to play for when we had £millions at stake and the hopes of every Millers fan and PW failed to secure a win that would have kept us up. In my view he and his team should be sacked, the recruitment team should be sacked, some or all of the board should resign and the chairman should kneel down and apologise for failing yet again to invest in the team. A disgrace of a season and the guilty men are all still staying. Pathetic.

  • nice one kevin the same thoughs as a lot millers fans know. a season of total managment rubish why is paul warne still the manager. c in l

  • Just wud like t say where wud our football club b with all these sackings & resignations, especially one that’s put football back in rotherham a new stadium & more stability as a football club than we’ve had in 40years,how do we knw that all that was invested this year was everything we had I’m sure the clubs pockets r only so deep when we have no gate funds for 18mnths,totally agree couple risks shud av been took for the step up, always the chairman’s fault not enough money, mayb he shudnt av bothered then where wud we b ermm bury/Macclesfield r frickley, like how these so called fans didn’t want anything t do with this fine club, Parkgate fc not far away boys!! #utm

  • daz what use is a nice staidium with a team that cant compete.I thank the chairman for the ground he,s built but what about spending some money on a decent team.In the old days we had a crap ground bur we did have teams that could compete. the fans want a good team are they wont go to games c in l

    • Cin l never argued that point if you’ve ever read my post always said 2 risks needed, but t totally rubbish the club, chairmen, board & management is absolutely deluded as being totally negative & really shud find another club t moan about, said it b4 but I don’t want t see another johnson/booth era in my lifetime, people av very short memories think where we’ve come frm in 10years

  • Yep get it c in l, we av the same team now as we’ve always had low budget spirit, there r alot bigger teams than us in league 1 with far bigger budgets, everyone wants a Saudi Prince don’t think its going t happen, moore&evans wud av the same probs as warney, money talks whoevers at the helm, easy t criticise now we’ve gone dwn, think all the negative fans wudnt av said anything if we’d av stayed up!!

  • daz all we needed mid season was half decent striker to come in score 6 goals make some of those 1 nil defeats into draws and we would still be in the championship. I know it easy to say now but think most fans new we wanted a goal scoring striker c in l

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