Warne ‘It’s Not Really Sunk In Yet’

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Rotherham United Manager Paul Warne spoke to Radio Sheffield about the aftermath of the promotion on Saturday.

‘It was just relief for me after the game.

‘We didn’t get out of the ground for about two hours but I had a brilliant journey home with the lads,’ the Millers Boss said. ‘They went through the crazy drunken phase for the first two hours singing like lunatics onto the chatty phase where they forgot who they were talking too and then I went out with most of them on Saturday night. Sunday we went out with our wives and we had a good time and I was dancing which isn’t like me, though I did keep my (Sheffield) Steelers hat on so nobody recognised me.

‘I always felt until we get the second goal anything can happen. And I had the doom master next to me, Andy Warrington, giving me all the news and we told the lads at half-time that MK Dons had won (they were three-nil up at Plymouth) and not to think a draw would be good enough. If Gillingham had scored it would have been a bit like ice hockey, let’s take the ‘keeper off and put another striker on because we had to win the game. We had Woody’s goal disallowed then the flare came on and I thought ‘oh no’ and wanted them to get off the pitch because we hadn’t won yet. Then Georgie (Kelly) came on and scored and it was just surreal. I don’t think it’s really sunk in yet.

‘I’ve got unbelievable pride it what the lads have done. I can never thank them enough. The way they did what they did at Wembley, had a wobble then came back the way they did is absolute testament to every department of this football club and every member of staff has played a part in that. The relationship we have with our players is pretty unique, we have the utmost respect for the players as they do of us. I get criticised possibly for the way I manage but that’s how I chose to manage.’

Warney looked pretty spent after the game so it’s good to hear that he’s managed to have a good weekend with everyone and enjoy it, because as a manager I don’t think you can ever sit back and enjoy the game, whether you are winning or not.

I am so pleased for the management team, the players, the back room staff, the fans – and, as the Chairman has said ‘we deserved it.’

Next season is going to be difficult. But that’s football and if it was easy we’d soon get bored, wouldn’t we? Wouldn’t we?!!!

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