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Warne ‘It’s A Set-Back’

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Rotherham United Manager Paul Warne told Radio Sheffield that he takes the responsibility for the Millers losing at home to Shrewsbury.

Speaking after the three-nil loss the Millers Boss said he thought the game was ‘pretty even’ first half although he admitted they weren’t at their ‘scintillating best’ saying, ‘we knew they were going to be tough, they are one of the in form sides in the league and going in one-nil down at half-time was a bit harsh on our lads.’

Really? I didn’t think we reacted at all to going one down and then we were reduced to ten men and we were all over the place.

‘I thought we had a legitimate penalty turned down on JJ,’ the Millers Boss said, and, I agree, after seeing it back I think so too.

‘It was just about putting some fresh legs on and trying to stay in the game as long as possible. We made another sub on seventy minutes bringing Mickel (Miller) on hoping to get a goal and get ourselves back into it and we did have a little bit of a push then but we got done on the counter attack.

‘It was a bad day at the office and I do understand we will lose football games. This is obviously a set-back but the lads have bounced back before.’

Asked about Angus MacDonald’s red card Warney said, ‘The sending off was crucial and, I’m obviously biased, but I thought Angus led with his arm and didn’t actively elbow the lad. It was a big turning point for us. I appreciate that being the home side the fans want us to press with ten men but it’s very difficult.

‘Credit to Shrewsbury who played really well against us.’

I think Shrewsbury did what they came to do and that’s irritate the players and the fans by slowing the game down at every opportunity – it was really up to us to stop them doing that but I don’t think our energy levels weren’t there today.

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  • Stuart webster says:

    Bad day at the office warne ,we have been poor for a number of weeks and rode our luck ,well today the wheels definitely came off the shite wagon , poor from the start clueless after the red card and it just got worse as the game went on , we have heard the old excuse trotted out the past few days from warne the lads are tired & jaded well no shit Sherlock isn’t it the same for Wigan , mk dons etc it was a pathetic shambles today no excuses warne please .

    • Caz Neale (Herringthorpe) says:

      I have to agree Stuart that it has been coming for weeks, I don’t think we’ve played well since Fleetwood. In my opinion, and it is only mine, I feel if we’d had more players in the squad then we might not have been so worried with the injuries we are getting or not got as many injuries in the first place. A busy season has to take the toll on our more mature players and the ones who have been playing with ‘niggles’. But we have to keep supporting them, more now than ever.

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