Date: 10th May 2019 at 11:04am
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Rotherham United Manager Paul Warne has told The Advertiser that there has been ‘interest’ in one of the Millers players and he expecting there to be offers for more.

I don’t think there would be much surprise if we find out the players he means are Will Vaulks and Semi Ajayi with perhaps someone coming in with a cheeky bid for Michael Smith and, as the Gaffer says, ‘if we do sell players then it means we are doing something right.’

Of course, as fans, we don’t want our ‘better’ players to leave but that’s the circle of football. If players are doing well they are going to catch the eye and as the Millers have dropped down a league there are some players who will probably think they are too good to go down. (Always makes me smile that because if they were too good to go down then why did they get relegated – but hey, as I said, that’s football). And there might be others who enjoy playing their football at Rotherham and want to stay but if a good bid comes in for them are we going to turn it down? No, I don’t think so either.

Money, like it does everywhere, talks loudly in football. Football clubs can’t survive without it. In the Championship we were one of the ‘poor relations’, in League One we should be up there with the royals of the division. I imagine, though don’t know for sure, that the wage bill will be lower – but, on the other hand, will the crowds be lower which then means revenue is lower.

It’s all swings and roundabouts.

Is money ruining the game? Well, for lower league clubs it probably is. But, if you are a football fan and like the excitement of watching quality teams like Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal then it’s odds on that it’s loads of money that has brought the players to these clubs. And I’m not knocking that. But, once in a while, just take a minute to look over your shoulder at the lower league sides in English football and remember what it really is all about.

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4 Replies to “Warne Expecting Bids For Players”

  • I suppose it’s inevitable that players leave and if it’s to better their careers you can’t knock it. I hope that such as Vaulks and Ajayi with their international tags can at last command transfer fees to match. Our track record on sales in the £m area isn’t good compared with such as Barnsley who have been able to reinvest the income to good effect. We sold Danny Ward to Cardif which seemed a good deal but it’s hard to see where the money went. It certainly didn’t show on the pitch.
    On the acquisition front I fear for our club as we will be percieved as a bigger club who can afford to pay more for players and who can pay bigger wages. We know that doesn’t seem to be true if history is viewed. Ok we should be able to attract players from divs 1&2 but that should have been the case in the Championship but wasn’t. Warnes philosophy of good people may well restrict us again and.if we lose our best players I feel this restriction should be ditched. The likes of Bolton and Ipswich certainly won’t be restricting their options to good people !!!!
    Teams promoted as Champions take a few risks on players as we did under Steve Evans and ok if some acquisitions don’t work send them out on loan. Then there’s youth in our academy and on the bench. It’s got to be time to introduce these players or offload them so thy can progress elsewhere. We know we need a class goalkeeper who can take crosses out and who can distribute the ball well. On the evidence so far Bilbo’s isn’t good enough and we all know Price’ frailties. It’s a key position and a sizeable fee needs paying to recruit someone as one of our own not a loanee who returns home to life as a well paid reserve at his parent club.
    Let’s hope our needs are met and we mount a realistic promotion battle because anything less will be so disappointing. UTM

    • I agree a lot with what you say here Bry. A goalie is priority and I feel sorry for Bilboe because he’s never really been given much of a chance. Like you, a second ‘keeper from a Championship, or dare we hope, Premier League club would be great but will, I imagine, cost a lot of money. But, I do believe we have to think about the future and be spending money on players who could. (fingers crossed etc etc) help us should we get back into the Championship – and that’s not got to be pounds and pence it’s got to be lots of pounds. But, it’s not really the cost of a player I don’t think as much as the wages they command. But, we shall have to wait and see.

  • I am a season ticket holder and don’t pretend to be brilliant on football techniques, but it is plain to see that J Newell may be good with the ball going forward but he can’t or won’t tackle and work for the team and is often out of position, so why offer him another contract ?

    • I think that has been another problem all season, Alan – nobody seems to want to tackle (except perhaps Crooks).

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