Date: 25th May 2009 at 5:09pm
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Name/User Name…..The Villager.

How long have you been supporting the Millers?…..35 years.

What made you decided ‘Rotherham` was the team for you?…..Brother took me as a 5 year old and I was hooked!!!

What was the first Millers game you saw at home?…..Can`t say it was the first one I went to but the first one I remember was Dave Gwythers return to Millmoor with Newport County!!!

What was the first Millers away game you went to?…..Again, can`t say what the first one was (as big bro used to take me) but one of the first away games I went to by myself was a Boxing Day game at Bramall Lane??(after being told not to go, guess who was the first person I bumped into on the away end??yep, big bro??.he was seething!!!)

Favourite ground ever been to…..Not really got a favourite but do like Walsall for the hospitality in their supporters club bar!!!

Ground you hate going to…..Hereford??.and people moaned about Millmoor!!!

Will there be any new grounds for you to visit next season?…..Yes

Have you any rituals before a game?…..Yes, must be in a pub pretty early!!!

If there was one Rotherham player you could fetch back from the past to play now, who would it be?…..Tony Towner, pure class on his day!!!

Is there any player you`ve ever felt sorry to see leave?…..Kevin Watson, thought the way he got treated by some fans was very wrong!!!

Is there a player that has retired or no longer with us that you would have liked to see in a Millers shirt?…..Gazza in his prime!!!

A bit about you

What is your favourite food?…..Chicken Jalfrezi

Is there anyone you would like to/would have liked to have been for a day?…..Sharon Davies` Husband (only if we were stopping in though)

What was the last song/album you listened too?…..Queen on Fire

What was the last film you went to see at the cinema?…..Full Monty (don`t laugh, I`m not a great film buff)

And what was the last film you watched on TV/DVD…..Die Hard??..again!!!!

What`s your favourite smell?…..Indian food (especially freshly cooked onion bhajis)

When you`re out with friends what do you usually end up discussing?…..Depends if the wife is there!!!!

Finally, back to the Millers, where do you think they will finish next season in the league?…..Anything less than the play-offs would be a disaster!!!

Thanks TV! And there is nothing wrong with Die Hard!