Date: 11th July 2010 at 10:58pm
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Well, that`s it!
The World Cup in South Africa is over.
Thanks to a goal on 116 minutes from Andres Iniesta, Spain have been crowned Champions of the World.

But, more importantly, who are the champions of Vital Rotherham`s World Cup Prediction League and Sweep!

I think, for sometime there was only going to be one winner of the Predictions and it`s a big ‘Well Done` to Noggin – he topped the league with 51 points.

Second was MV, eight points behind and third, three points behind him was Zip.

Here is the Final League Table

1. Noggin – 51 pts
2. MV – 43 pts
3. Zippy – 40 pts
4. Caz – 39 pts
5. Taff – 38 pts
6. Sixpence – 33 pts
7. Blondie – 32 pts
7. Mos – 32 pts
9. Bez – 30 pts
9. Dazza – 30 pts
11. Saint – 6 pts
12. Curt – 4 pts

The Sweep

The Final of the World Cup was between Taff who had The Netherlands and Chrisrufc who had Spain – and Congratulations to Chrisrufc for winning the Sweep! I understand your winnings is a pint from Bez at the next game you and she are at together!

Thanks to all who took part in our ‘World Cup` – and a big raspberry for those who didn`t!!!

And a big Thank you to Noggin and Bez for organising it all!

Shall we do it all again in four years time?!