Date: 4th July 2010 at 7:50pm
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We are getting ready for the final three games of the World Cup and the Vital Rotherham Sweep is down to just three players.

These are Delboy who has Germany who slaughtered Argentina (sorry Mos!) leaving Diego Maradona thinking over his future as manager of the South American side.
ChrisRUFC saw him Spain side narrowly beat Paraguay in the last ten minutes of the game after both sides had missed penalties.
Taff is still in with the Netherlands who beat Brazil 2-1, after Brazil went ahead on ten minutes.
No one has the other semi-finalists, Uruguay – although I had Paraguay and offered to take over Uruguay (Paraguay-Uruguay, not a lot of difference!) but Bez said a firm ‘NO!` – lol

World Cup Prediction League

Well, even though Noggin actually forgot to put two predictions up this week (he blamed it on the pressure!) he is still in top spot and six points ahead of MVMiller in second place. Zipadeedoodah has moved into third place with Taff and me joint fourth. Blondie and Sixpence are five points behind us in joint sixth with Mos, Dazza and Bez in joint eighth. Saint and Curt are still holding the rest of us up.

The Table

1. Noggin – 48 pts
2. MV – 42 pts
3. Zippy – 38 pts
4. Caz – 37 pts
4. Taff – 37 pts
6. Blondie – 32 pts
6. Sixpence – 32 pts
8. Mos – 29 pts
8. Bez – 29 pts
8. Dazza – 29 pts
11. Saint – 6 pts
12. Curt – 4 pts

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