Date: 4th July 2009 at 9:31am
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There might be a few fishy answers in this session!

Name/User Name…..handyhaddock

How long have you been supporting the Millers?…..since 1965

What made you decided ‘Rotherham` was the team for you?…..I suppose being taken when I was little, I had a brief dalliance with Leeds United but I soon got better

What was the first Millers game you saw at home…..Versus Bolton Wanderers, Easter 1965

What was the first Millers away game you went to?…..Probably Mansfield Town, I think, late 60’s

Favourite ground ever been to…..Wembley

Ground you hate going to…..Loftus Road (are QPR still there?) – like being in a shoe box

Will there be any new grounds for you to visit next season?…..Quite a few!

Have you any rituals before a game?…..Not really but I used to buy the same sweets and if the going got tough, hand them round and we’d score – it worked for the whole of the 1988 season

If there was one Rotherham player you could fetch back from the past to play now, who would it be?…..God Bless, Tony Towner

Is there any player you`ve ever felt sorry to see leave?…..Many, but David Gwyther stands out

Is there a player that has retired or no longer with us that you would have liked to see in a Millers shirt?…..was going to say Andy Haddock, but I’ll settle for Gladstone Guest

A bit about you

What is your favourite food?…..I don’t really have a favourite but I am partial to a bit of ginger pudding probably because it’s not that easy to buy any more

Is there anyone you would like to/would have liked to have been for a day?…..Geoffrey Boycott, 12 August 1977, Headingley

What was the last song/album you listened too?…..If It Be Your Will – Leonard Cohen Live In London

What was the last film you went to see at the cinema?…..Wayne’s World!

And what was the last film you watched on TV/DVD…..Probably Ben Hur!

What`s your favourite smell?…..Sounds soppy but ‘praise for the sweetness of the wet garden’ – especially this time of year

When you`re out with friends what do you usually end up discussing?…..Their appalling musical knowledge… (!)

Finally, back to the Millers, where do you think they will finish next season in the league?…..Top of the tree!

Thanks for taking time out of your goldfish bowl to answer our questions, HH!