Date: 23rd June 2009 at 2:45pm
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It’s Vital Moderator, Southernbelle!

Name/User Name…..Southernbelle

How long have you been supporting the Millers?…..19 years

What made you decided ‘Rotherham` was the team for you?…..My ex
supported them and I got hooked

What was the first Millers game you saw at home?…..Bolton, where incidentally I broke my ribs when Rotherham scored and I was crushed into a barrier!! We won that day but I was in hospital and missed 2nd half!

What was the first Millers away game you went to?…..Can`t remember

Favourite ground ever been to…..Tricky one maybe Arsenals old
Ground but in my heart Millmoor!!

Ground you hate going to…..Gillingham ,a journey that seems to go on forever, and the long walk to pub/ground from coach park. Thank goodness we don`t have to go there this season!!

Will there be any new grounds for you to visit next season?…..No been to them all

Have you any rituals before a game?…..Used to put shirt on just before going in ground, now I’m too fat and skint to get a new one

If there was one Rotherham player you could fetch back from the past to play now, who would it be?…..Andy Roscoe…awaits the flak!!

Is there any player you`ve ever felt sorry to see leave?…..Paul Hurst,
my 100% little terrier with a big heart.

Is there a player that has retired or no longer with us that you would have liked to see in a Millers shirt?…..Alan Shearer(not strictly in those categories though!!)

A bit about you

What is your favourite food?…..Strawberries and Scampi Niknaks (not together though!)

Is there anyone you would like to/would have liked to have been for a day?…..Ant MacPartlin so I could spend time with Dec!!

What was the last song/album you listened too?…..Lady Gaga Pokerface, but still think she is saying Kerry Pie when she sings can’t read my? lol

What was the last film you went to see at the cinema?…..Arachnaphobia – Crystal Peaks 1991.

And what was the last film you watched on TV/DVD…..American Pie The Naked Mile

What`s your favourite smell?…..Strawberries and men lol Remember Stan from Corrie asking Hilda what that smell was , and she replied Woman ,
Stan , all woman.

When you`re out with friends what do you usually end up discussing?…..?…..Every subject under the sun!! Football, immigration laws,
etc etc

Finally, back to the Millers, where do you think they will finish next season in the league?…..Heart in playoffs , head , just miss out on playoffs ..Sorry!!

Thanks for answering the questions, SB! I liked Andy Roscoe too!