Date: 19th January 2019 at 7:11pm
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Rotherham United Manager Paul Warne says that today’s opposition, Brentford, were more ruthless than the Millers.

Brentford were more everything than the Millers today – from kick-off until the ninety-fourth minute they played some nice football which a lot of our players all seemed to want to stand back and admire.

They came with one plan and that was to score goals and often had three players up front waiting to do that. We had a ‘Plan A’ and apparently not a ‘Plan B’ for when ‘Plan A’ didn’t work.

Of course we had chances – two went in, another should have and, I know everyone out there is crying out for a striker, but we do have people at the club who can score. We just don’t play them all at once. I think we’ve worn Smith out playing him up front on his own and playing people out of position is wearing a little thin. Why is Zak Vyner taking flak for playing in a position that isn’t truly his – especially when you’ve got a right-back, who we’ve seen in the media this week is the highest paid player at the club, sat on the bench (if he’s not fit to play then, in my mind, he’s not fit to be on the bench). Why are we expecting full-backs to pick up players that wingers should be picking up. There are teams out there who have players who run up and down the pitch for ninety plus minutes without thinking about it – we aren’t fit enough to do that.

Warney says that in his post-match interview on the Official Site that he thought Brentford’s second goal was ‘amazing’. (Said Benrahma’s goal on the fifty-third minute). I thought Jon Taylor’s was as good.

The Millers Boss also thought we created enough chances today – again, chances we didn’t take.

It’s not all doom and gloom – there were some good bits it’s just that they are forgotten amongst the bad bits and that’s what I find a shame.

With ten minutes to go today Rotherham fans were leaving the stadium, with five minutes a lot more were joining them. There weren’t many left to applaud the players off the pitch today – in fact, I’d say, the natives are getting restless.

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15 Replies to “The Natives Are Getting Restless”

  • Oh dear more rhetoric from Warne. I really think his approach isn’t working with players not knowing what his game plan really is. Perhaps his technical approach is just too much because as soon as things go wrong on the pitch we can’t seem to adjust. The halftime chat seems to help but the opposition also gets chance to review us and re shape their side. Smithy works his socks off but needs a solid no 10 to play off him.
    There’s some great players in the championship who have commanded massive transfer fees and there are others who attract attention from top club scouts. Unfortunately we have no such players at this time and I reckon it’s time to change tactics and get back to basics with 2 upfront and the long ball game where Smithy can get int the area and cause havoc.
    To Mr Stewart— Warney needs help or moving sideways as he must be getting as frustrated as the rest of us. It’s such a shame that he’s not getting results as he’s so committed but just isn’t up to the task. It needs experience To manage in the championship and it’s no place to learn. Another ex- Miller Hirsty found that out at Ipswich with a good budget fan base etc but even greater expectations meant his downfall.
    Our expectations this season were modest as survival / mid table were mentioned. Let’s hope action is taken before it’s too late and an experienced director of football or similar is found. UTM.

    • Bry Clarke I was waiting for someone to mention ‘a director of football’ and I have a good idea who the majority of Millers would want. I wouldn’t poo-poo the idea out straight away but, for me, a director of football would have to come in during pre-season. As you say, survival has to be our ambition this season although, to do that, you really need to be getting points at home.

  • Two points:

    1/ ‘…Brentford’s second goal was ‘amazing’… You say Taylor’s was just as good. There’s a huge difference between an outside the area putting your laces through the ball and a crowd of players and hoping it ends up in the back of the net (rather than in the stands)— a speculative punt! And a well crafted move that opens the defence up like the proverbial can of beans and ends with a good finish!

    2/ Rotherham had chances to score more and missed a sitter, with better finishing you’d have scored one or two more. Yep! You did, and could have. But by the same token, Brentford also missed some very good chances and could easily have scored 2 or 3 more had they taken those chances.

    I don’t mean to put a dampener on things just a dollop of reality. Brentford could have scored 6 or 7 and let’s not forget Rotherham’s second was an own goal either.

    • And, for that own goal we are thankful MichaelLandonsHairdo! As Millers fans we have to try and find positives from our performances. Brentford showed us what the Championship was made of at the beginning of the season but we haven’t reacted. Yesterday they showed us how to play football and I wasn’t meaning to disrespect any of that. Brentford were by far the better team yesterday. But, as a Miller, as I said I do try to be positive. Though, that is getting harder.

      • I really do understand! I have a huge amount of empathy for Rotherham and the massive task the club is facing in trying to compete in a ruthlessly tough division on the small budget you have. The size of that budget is in effect dictating how you ‘must’ play in order to survive.

        • You’ve probably hit it on the head there MichaelLandonHairdo – I thought before the start of this season we would have upped our budget to at least be able to compete. We are, at present, scraping through. And I can’t see where it’s going to be much different unless someone let’s us have a really good player for next to nothing.

          • Well there’s the rub really. Brentford and Rotherham really aren’t that different in terms of size or budget, we have the advantage of having an owner with a vision who’s prepared to finance that vision with his own money. That’s not to say he’s going to drop millions into a black hole never to be seen again, he fully expects the investments he’s made to be repaid at some point in the future.

            It’s incredibly hard to complete in the Championship without either a wealthy sugardaddy willing to throw away lots of money or an intelligent shrewd owner with a business plan who can extract maximum benefit from minimum resources.

            None of the players on the pitch yesterday cost more than £2m, (you might even think that’s high!) and many were less or free transfers and none of them earn more than about £15k a week, most will be on less than that. Compare that to some of the big boys in that division and it’s a raindrop! As one of our DoF’s said: We can’t outspend our rivals so we have to out-think them. And that means doing things differently.

            Now we’ve played you twice, very best of luck for the rest of the season and let’s hope you avoid the dreaded black hole of relegation!

          • Cheers MichaelLandonsHairdo. I think us little clubs have to take the good when we get it. It was great getting up through the play-offs with our trip to Wembley but I did wonder at the time if we’d have been better having another season or two in League One. And isn’t it a pity that money rules the game like it does. At the beginning of the season I’d have been happy to just stay up and now, half way through, I’ll be more than happy to do that. Cheers for your words and good luck to you too.

  • I for one am getting sick of warneys excuses now for this and that about how we are doing and what ifs, facts are facts we are just not good enough to be in the championship.when it comes getting players in we’re last off conveyer belt ,Mr Stewart I remember you saying when we was promoted to championship under Evans you wanted us in premier league within 3 years ????????in all time we’ve been in championship it’s been like a having a wisdom tooth pulled out without annasthetic very painful to watch same problem same issue same outcome no plan no going forward no ambition let’s just stay in league one that’s we’re we belong we are just not good enough we can’t compete cos until Mr Stewart admits there just isn’t the money too are he’s to scared to heavily invest.

  • Am sick of hearing calamity Warne! Yet again trotting out the same old excuses, it’s about time he put is saddle on is horse and rode out of town for good, Clueless yesterday, weak midfield, ifffy defenders, feel sorry for micheal Smith, Paul calamity Warne is running the lad into the ground with constant unrelenting game time no wonder he looked jaded yesterday, then again the rest of Paul calamity Warne and is band of brothers also looked dead on there feet keep spinning them plates Warne as you stated with regards new signings with any luck one might just come your way,

  • why is warne always onabout midfielders and strikers when its the defence thats leaking goals all good rotherham teams ive seen and can go back 50 years were build on a solid defence and we have not got one

  • to mr stewart its tme for a change of manager bring in a exreriencsd manager warnes not up to the job he did not want it in the first placs and you talkrd him into it

  • Having just watched the Brentford goals a couple of times over and calamity Warne using tired old excuses over and over again it’s time Warne called it a day and left, league one is ready to welcome us back with open arms and let’s stay there, Mr Stewart stop conning the paying supporters will you its just a sham that we have a competitive budget, what for to finance a Sunday pub team, The new york stadium as certainly lost its glitz, let’s rename it the dead end stadium.

  • Let’s not get to down harted yet the transfer window is not shut yet. The players we have have had some good games this season. But I do feel that they look well jaded now. To many hard games to many nearly there to a win games. They need a big thank you for getting us this far. But as the last 4 games have proved. They need some high Qaulity reinforcements. Has for the Zac Vyner issue. If he is not a full back,
    Why is he getting picked ahead of Billy Jones. Maybe the chairman should make a statement on his plans going forward.the fans have backed the team to the hilt. Remember 6000+ went to Manchester. Let’s not chuck the support in the bin. Build on it please. MR Stewart. Once a Miller forever proud!

    • I think we are all wondering the same Graham Ball regarding Billy Jones – if he’s not fit then why is he on the bench if he’s on the bench then why isn’t he playing at right-back.

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