Date: 14th July 2020 at 10:42am
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The Championship, where Rotherham United will start next season, is looking a little clearer after Wycombe Wanderers’ play-off win at Wembley last night sees them promoted and Norwich City’s relegation confirmed at the weekend with just two places still waiting for two more teams coming down from the Premier League.

Every Millers fan knows of our Managers ‘love’ for his birth city of Norwich and he will have been sad at the weekend to see them topple down although maybe a little pumped up to think that his Rotherham team will be playing his boyhood side.

But, in the back of my mind, I can’t help but have a question, like an itch you can’t scratch, of ‘what if Norwich come a-calling’.

No way am I thinking that ‘Saint’ Delia of Cooking would blame Daniel Farke for her team being relegated but there are those Chairman/owners out there whose first reaction to relegation is ‘sack the manager’.

And it got me wondering if that should happen then who would the Canaries be looking to fetch in?

I would think they might give more than a cursory glance towards Paul Warne.

Yes, I realise he’s not been a manager for that long and he’s never managed in the Premier League which is where City will hope to be heading back for but I do feel he is well respected among his fellow managers and it’s well known while he trains his players hard he treats them well getting their best from them and I have never heard a bad word from players coming in or leaving about him.

We know Warney loves the Millers, he tells us and it shows and he is very much an adopted Yorkshire man.

But, should Norwich ask the question (and it is a should and definitely not a rumour) I would think he’d find it a difficult choice to make.

Stay Safe.

Up The Millers.

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2 Replies to “Should Norwich Come A-Calling”

  • Just saw this on newsnow, an as a Norwich fan I can quite confidently say that Farke will not be leaving and in the scenario where he does (maybe mid-season after a poor start) I think Warne could be on the list but from the football I have seen you play and from what I hear from people about the way you play its too direct and we are totally the opposite.
    I think our club legend Russell Martin from MK could be the one we go after if he starts the season well, I really hope you lot stay up as we seem to have a bit of a link from Warne and several loan players and of course you beating Ipswich twice last season (hahaha)
    Up the Millers! OTBC!

    • Hi Jordan thanks for the reply. You have relieved a lot of us I think! I suppose this lockdown has given me time to think and it was also something I’d seen discussed on social media. I do believe we have more of a chance of stopping up than we have had before. As for beating Ipswich twice, well it was a pleasure!

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