Date: 21st July 2010 at 10:59pm
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Michael Blythen 2, Liam Cartledge 75, 80………Connor Hiley 26, Joe Callaghhan 85 pen
ATTENDANCE…..You tell me, but a nice little smattering of Millers fans young, old and decrepit up and down.
The Dinnington ‘home’ stand housing about 40 was full, as was the stand by the players` entrance.

As birthday’s go, this has been a very low key one, as I had to work today for the first time in years on my birthday, and apart from a little dance round my work bench to Eliza Doolittle’s fantastic new feel good song ‘Pack up’, I was quite mellow, wishing I was elsewhere.

I like prezzies to open at Chrimbo, but I prefer money at Birthday time to pay for my new season Footy yearbooks which hit the shops early August, and that was sorted.
My first sober birthday for 30 years and not one alcohol related card, which used to be the norm…. they now all seem to be relating to impending old age….cheers.

Anyway, 1884 was picking me up at 6ish, then on to Nellie Dene’s in Town to pick up Dave, and we set off to Dinnington.
This was the 3rd time today that 84 had visited Dinnington, after 3 work related trips there earlier.
At least we wouldn’t get lost this time.

Arrived at Phoenix Park at 6.50, after passing the Squirrel pub just down the road, with a dozen or so Millers fans drinking outside in the lovely evening sun.
We paid our £4 to get in, and I picked up my 4 page programmes priced at 30p each.
Page 1 consisted of Sponsorship details at £25 per player and Dinnington’s up and coming fixtures.
Page 2/3 was a brief history of both teams, with theirs recalling the team reaching the FA Cup 1st round proper in 1934, only to lose 3-1 away at Chester.
Page 4 was the team line ups, or should I say, line-up in the singular, with no names down for us.

A look around at the teams warming up and I could see it was a very young side with just Jamie Annerson and Grant Darley, known names there.
No 8 was a lad called Franco Rossi who had left Status Quo for the night to have a kick around with us.
I phoned (or text) a friend and apparently he’s an American trialist we are taking a look at in centre midfield.

I sought out the pie stand and asked what pies they had on, only to be met with the heart-breaking words, they won`t be ready for 30 minutes yet.
If you ever fancied seeing a 46 year old (gotta get used to saying that now) man cry, then this was the time.
I went back exactly 30 minutes later cos my weight had dropped alarmingly, and I was sure I`d felt my ribs…..either that or it was the Sheep’s carcass I scoffed last night.
Still not ready, so I took the major decision of plumping for 2 x Pukka sausage rolls instead at a very reasonable £1.20 each.
As I came back from the kiosk the first goal went in for the home team after just 2 minutes.
Ronnie Moore had turned up by this time and stood about 20 feet away from us near the players` entrance.
1884 was the quietest I`ve ever known him as he stood open mouthed in awe of his hero….he loves him really you know.
Following a slip and fumble from the home keeper to the left of his net, Millers youngster Connor Hiley picked up the loose ball and ran it into the empty goal to equalise on 25 minutes.
The score remained 1-1 until half time and the young lads went back to the dressing rooms for an half-time Rusk.

The 40 or so Dinnington fans sat in the stand behind one of the goals were very vociferous throughout and one of them produced a Vuvuzela, and despite only blowing it half a dozen times, I can tell that these will not be welcome within 300 miles of my lug-oils next season.

In the second half, it looked for a long time that it was going to end up 1-1 as most of the goal attempts were ending up anywhere except on target.
Grant Darley was by far the games best player as he produced several good surging runs, and a very quick turn of pace to make space for himself in midfield.
The night started to close in round 9 and the floodlights came on….fingers crossed.
5 pylons with 2 bulbs in each, did the job what the ones at Don Valley failed to do yesterday after the hamster fell off the wheel.
Then 2 goals in the space of 5 minutes towards the end of the game, turned the tide in Town’s favour.
One of them was a well struck shot from one of the Town players outside the area, and it cannoned off the crossbar and came down with snow on it for Cartledge to tap into the un-guarded net.
The third goal was scored after Ronnie Moore had left the building.
Rotherham fought back though despite being 3-1 down, and 5 minutes from time were awarded a penalty as one of them was brought down inside the area.
Joe Callaghan netted the consolation goal, and the ref brought proceedings to an end at 9.15

5 goals, making it 23 goals in 6 friendlies seen by yours truly so far, and quite a satisfactory 90 minutes entertainment for the fans, and we headed off back to the car amidst the vast masses of travelling Millers….well, a few dozen anyway.
Dropped Dave off back in Town and I alighted from the 84mobile back in Dingleville at 9.40

The small matter of checking my lotto numbers now to wrap up my birthday in style, and next stop, Don Valley Saturday where we will hopefully take our first win of the pre-season from the Blades.
Goodnight and God bless.

Hope you’ve won the lotto, Zip! Thanks again for this great ‘blog’ (sorry, I forgot you hate that word don’t you!) And, once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY!