Date: 3rd March 2018 at 11:28pm
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I suppose with the postponements this weekend there will be those calling for a ‘winter break’ in English football.

But when would you have a winter break?

The idea of having this break in winter might be a good idea – but with the British weather when would they have it?

Probably not in December when there are a lot of games around the Christmas period. So January or February? I don’t think any games were postponed due to bad weather this January or February, although games were called off because of ‘bad pitches’ which might or might not having something to do with the weather.

It’s the beginning of March now and we have our first game postponed because of snow – but last March was fine. Next March might be glorious.

And how long will this break be? Two weeks, three weeks, the whole month? I’ve heard it say that two weeks so the players can have a few days somewhere warm with their families. Well I’m all for winter holidays but if the weather is like it is now, would they even get to an airport? Or, if they did, would they get back in time for the re-start of the season?

To me, a winter break would be awkward not knowing when the bad weather might hit. And, in my eyes, it would also disrupt the flow (though last season I think we’d all have welcomed a winter break – probably of three months!).

So, should I be asked ‘would I welcome a winter break’ I think my answer would have to be ‘no’.

What would your answer be?

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