Date: 21st September 2017 at 9:17am
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Rotherham United’s Joe Mattock was sent off on Saturday at Bradford – a second yellow card offence. He didn’t argue with the referee and walked round the pitch passing the travelling Millers fans and some, not all, of us clapped him as he passed.

But why would we do that?

Did I clap? I did actually. More so because I thought he’d had a good game, although what he expected after already being yellow carded on the hour mark for a poor foul on City’s Alex Gilliead to go and do exactly the same thing to the same player thirty-four minutes later I don’t know.

It has been said that the reaction from the City fans in front of the incident got Mattock a second yellow but, let’s be honest, he didn’t give referee Jeremy Simpson any choice.

I have, in the past, applauded players who got red cards who I didn’t think deserved be sent off, but I don’t think we can say that was the case on Saturday.

As Mattock went past the Millers fans he did seem to be saying he was sorry – something to applaud him for maybe?

That didn’t wash with Manager Paul Warne who told local newspaper The Star that he won’t be defending the player saying, ‘It was needless. He was already on a yellow. You know if you make another foul you`re in trouble.

‘He will now lose his jersey to Ben (Purrington) and if Ben performs well he will keep it.’

I actually do think this is a little harsh as I said earlier I thought Mattock had played well, probably the best I’ve seen him this season, but, on the other hand I can understand why Warney would be annoyed with him.

So, did you applaud Mattock – if so, why?

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