Date: 22nd December 2016 at 10:05pm
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Rotherham United’s Caretaker Manager Paul Warne has said that although he doesn’t want the job permanently, he will be ‘boss’ as long as Chairman Tony Stewart wants him to be.

‘I’m well aware that the Chairman is happy with what I’ve been doing as well as what the staff and players have been doing,’ Warney told Radio Sheffield.

‘What I’m judged by is what they do on the pitch and the Chairman wants me to continue until further notice.

‘The Chairman has insinuated that he’d like me to do it until the end of the season but I’m well aware what football is.

‘It just takes one person the Chairman likes the look of to ‘phone up who he thinks will benefit the football club and I’ll take a step back. In the same way he could tell me I’d got a three-year deal but if I lost the next ten games I’d know it isn’t a three-year deal.

‘I think I’ve got a good relationship with the Chairman, We’re both pretty honest men and he’s happy with me just ticking along.

‘I am enjoying it more because the first ten days was mayhem. Do I see this as my career path? No I don’t. Am I happy to do it while the Chairman has faith in me? Yes I am. Generally I think everyone at the club wants me to do well. The fans want us to do well as a team and I can feel that love. But with that comes a responsibility and extra pressure.

‘And I’m not saying in three months time I’ll not say ‘I’m better than I thought I was’ and I might be a Manager but as it sits now no. I don’t know what my role will be in the future.

‘What I do know is when I become just the fitness coach again I’ll be a better person and better coach because I know what the Manager is looking at. And that will make me a better employee of the club.’

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