Date: 9th December 2016 at 9:28am
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Rotherham United’s Caretaker Manager (not Gaffer, he doesn’t like being called Gaffer!) Paul Warne says he’s enjoyed his ‘new’ job this week.

‘It’s weird,’ he told Radio Sheffield.

‘When you’re a player you don’t understand all a coach does, you don’t appreciate what goes on behind the scenes and how hard it is to get the best out of a big group of men. When you’re a player you just worry about yourself, it’s easy.

‘When I became a coach I realised it was harder than I thought and then to become a senior coach it got more difficult and to have the buck stop at me I realise it’s harder in some things than I thought. It’s hard for me when someone isn’t in the team and they think they can do a job for me and I have to say ‘I don’t think you can’. Maybe I’ll get better at that and I am honest with them. I’ve worked with Manager’s who just blatantly like to people and I can’t do that even though it looks easier than how I’m doing it.

‘I do enjoy control and I’ve always had an opinion on previous managers what I like and what I don’t like so I am enjoying it and I do enjoy representing the club.

‘And I like speaking to the fans and telling them how much I love the club and how much I want to win the game and it’s those parts of management I like. And I’d like it a lot more if I was a lot better.

‘It will mean a lot to me leading the team out at the New York Stadium and I’ll try not to cry – I saw someone had said I was sponsored by Kleenex which tickled me, but I didn’t laugh that much that I cried. I’ll be very proud and I will try and enjoy it tomorrow but I also realise that when you stand at the front of the dugout it can be very lonely.’

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