Date: 17th July 2012 at 9:41am
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Vital Rotherham have various competitions over the season – of which some of us are better than others!

Nobody wins anything, it`s all for fun, and the glory of saying ‘I was the best` of course! After all, it`s the taking part that counts!

Here are last season`s winners – and losers – and league tables.

The Gate Prediction League – this is more or less what it says, points are awarded to the three nearest posters to the official gate for each League and Cup game.
1. rybel_b
2. Dazza71
3. Zipadeedoodah
4. Herringthorpe
5. leedsrailwayman
6. Axholme
7. The Villager
7. Pukka Pieman
7. Sixpence
7. mvmiller
11. Tichie Taff
12. Nogginthenog
13. Nearlyataff
14. Sthelensmiller
15. Miller Nez
16. Sy2006

The Score Prediction League – points are awarded for the correct score, the correct home score and the correct away score predicted
1. rybel_b
2. Nogginthenog
3. Dazza71
3. leedsrailwayman
5. mvmiller
6. Herringthorpe
7. Axholme
8. Zipadeedoodah
9. Nearlyataff
10. Pukka Pieman
11. Sixpence
12. The Villager
13. Tichie Taff
14. Sthelensmiller
15. Miller Nez
16. Durham White
16. Johnny Kipper
18. Sy2006

Taff`s Score Predictor – here Taff picks various games and we have to predict the scores.
The points awarded will be as follows:
10 Points for the correct score prediction
5 Points for predicting the correct away teams score
3 Points for predicting the correct home teams score
1 Point for predicting the correct result EG you have the home team to win 3-1 and they win 1-0 you get 1 point.

1. leedsrailwayman
2. dazza71 –
3. nearlyataff
4. herringthorpe
5. mvmiller
6. Tichie Taff
7. Zippy
8. sixpence
9. TheVillager
10. rybel_b
11. axholme
13. nogginthenog
14. sthelensmiller
15. DurhamWhite

And, thanks to Euro 2012, we also had Taff`s Euro Score Predictor with the same rules and scoring as above.

1. sixpence
2. rybel_b
3. diggerman
4. dazza71
4. nogginthenog
6. Tichie Taff
7. nearlyataff
8. mvmiller
9. axholme
10. sthelensmiller
11. herringthorpe

MV`s Fantasy Football which just takes place on a Saturday, except for Christmas, New Year and Easter. Usually players can pick four players from the Premiership and four players from League Two who they think are going to score on that day – sometimes we do have other Leagues` instead of one or the other, depending on who are playing. A point is awarded for each goal your chosen player scores.

1. MV
2. LRM
4. CAZ
6. ZIP
9. DW

So, many congratulations to Rybel_b (who won two leagues!), LeedsRailwayMan, Sixpence and MV Miller for being Top of the League and I hope you will all join in next season`s games!

Thanks to everyone else who took part – we will be doing it all again starting in August!

If anyone else wants to join in then join Vital Rotherham – we are quite an amiable lot and welcome new posters. We tend to use Millers Mumblings for Football talk and Open Terrace for ‘anything goes` talk – and believe me, anything does go! We also have daily quizzes and word games on there.

So just click the link below and join in!

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