Date: 10th August 2007 at 12:51pm
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Rotherham United’s training pitch at Hooton Lodge has been vandalised. The pitch has been dug-up and anti-club slogans left.

The pitch, which was extensively damaged with the recent floods had just been re-laid costing over £120,000.

This is the latest in a series of attacks at the Lodge – with equipment being stolen and youths riding trail bikes across the ground.

Director, Kevin Costin told The Star, ‘Enough is enough. We will be introducing twenty-four hour dog wardens to keep the idiots out. If we catch them they will be handed over to the Police.

The club had just had a successful Open Day, last Sunday, at Millmoor and Mr Costin says that the monies made there will now have to go on repairs, ‘and that is so sad.’

If anyone has any information about who these idiots are I am sure the club would welcome it.