Date: 5th July 2008 at 5:09pm
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How many times have you been to a football match when your view has been blocked by someone in front of you who wouldn`t sit down? How many times have you seen arguments break out with other fans and/or stewards or police when someone refuses to sit? Don`t you think it would be better for everyone to have the choice of whether they sit or stand?

Unfortunately, Sports Minister, Gerry Sutcliffe doesn`t agree. He said he had discussed the issue for safe standing areas with the FA, local authorities, the police and the Home Office and the outcome was ‘no new evidence has been presented to suggest that there is a single more effective way of achieving safety as well as public order than an all seater stadia.`

A report by the Independent Football Commission last year suggested that less police would be needed at games if there were safe standing areas and the Liberal Democrats are set to debate the issue at their conference in Bournemouth in September which could lead to it becoming part of their election campaign.

A recent survey by the Football Supporters Federation saw 82% back a campaign to introduce safe standing areas in stadiums. Alongside this, ninety-eight MP`s signed an Early Day Motion urging the Government to accept the case to introduce small selected sections for safe standing.

I don`t think we will ever return to the time when ¾ of the stadium was standing but with the Millers waiting for news of a new stadium, would you like that stadium to include areas of standing? Personally, I think it would make sense. What do you think?