Date: 7th September 2011 at 3:42pm
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You`ll no doubt have seen that Vital is involved with the The Great Football Experiment

How good would something like this have been when you were all playing?!

This video is an example of the coaching they are getting.  Specifically this time on the goalie position, lucky old Brad Ayling, aka The Bear.  Not only is he getting one on one coaching but due to the training, he`s lost 2 stone in weight!  When the crowd sing ‘who ate all the pies` to him he`ll soon be able to sing back, ‘not me!`

A few goalies in the Premiership could do with taking note!  I`d love to put a few youtube clips of goalkeeper gaffs here but daren`t as we get ‘told off` then by dataco!  I`m sure you can think of a few though. 

So, for Rothehram. Our latest poll asks who was our best modern day keeper.  I`ve started from the 70’s with Roy Tunks – are any of you actually old enough to remember Tunksy and the way he did handstands when the play was up the other end of the pitch?!.

For the forum and article comments:

Best goalkeeper you`ve seen play for us?

Worst goalkeeper?

And what is the single worst goalkeeping gaff?

Oh and … ah bugger it, will put in this clip, the worst miss ever?

Did The Bear take full advantage of all his training?  Well, in episode six you can see that he was a naughty Bear….. a few drinks the night before training?!  Tut tut, we`d never have done anything like that eh!? 

Anyway, you could leave some feedback on our Vital Nivea Great Football Experiment site, I`m finding it a right laugh I must admit.  If Bear turns up hungover again, what forfeit should he have to do? 
Now then, IF Bear turns up hungover for a game or training again, I think he should get another forfeit.  Any good ideas folks?  I think the best one can be put to the Ivory boys to vote on… so suggest away! … How to beast the Bear… Click Here


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