Date: 2nd September 2007 at 10:13pm
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How did you find out about Vital Rotherham?

was the latest poll question that was posed and the results were:

Via a link from another web site (50%)

Someone told me about it (25%)

By some other means (10%)

By accident (10%)

Through another vital site (5%)

Through vital index (0%)

Can’t remember (0%)

It seems that half of the people who voted actually found vital from another website – perhaps I ought to have asked which ones!

Myself, I found it through a friend and now I have many vital friends, not only from our own site, but from lots of the other sites too.

So, come on and join us – we don’t bite, honest! We don’t just talk about Rotherham, we also discuss other football matters. We don’t only talk about football either – come on in and find out……