Date: 16th August 2007 at 5:35pm
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Ahead of Sunday’s League 2 clash between Rotherham and Peterborough at Millmoor, here is the history of the Millmoor fixture between the 2 United’s.

Compared to the many Football League centurian teams, Peterborough United are relative newcomers, being voted into the League at the expense of Gateshead in 1960.
Rotherham’s first ever meeting with The Posh didn’t come until 10 years later at the very beginning of the 70,s with a 3rd round FA Cup tie on January 3rd 1970 at Millmoor.
A Jim Hall second half goal for the visitors won the tie in front of 13,146 fans.
Peterborough were humbled in round 4, going out 5-1 to 3rd Division Gillingham.
The Millers side for this first encounter was..
1. Jim Furnell
2. Chris Hudson
3. Dennis Leigh
4. Neil Hague
5. Dave Watson
6. Trevor Swift
7. Neil Warnock
8. Johnny Fantham
9. David Lill
10 David Bentley
11 Jimmy Mullen

The first League meeting between the sides at Millmoor, came at the very end of The Millers first ever season in Division 4.
This game played on May 11th 1974 was the last League fixture of any team that season, coming 2 weeks after the season’s official ending and a week after the FA Cup final.
Peterborough had already been crowned 4th Division Champions, but Rotherham who had a season of struggle, finished in style with a 3-1 victory to end up in 15th position, just 5 points clear of the Re-election zone.
Millers scorers were Trevor Womble, John Woodall and Jimmy Goodfellow.
A Jeff Lee penalty was the reply for the Champions.
The gate for this game was 3,100.
The Millers team for that game was…
1. Jim McDonagh
2. Steve Derrett
3. John Breckin
4. Mick Leng
5. Bob Delgado
6. Trevor Swift
7. Trevor Phillips
8. Trevor Womble
9. John Woodall
10 Jimmy Goodfellow
11 Alan Crawford

After that game Peterborough were unbeaten in the next 6 encounters at Millmoor, earning 5 draws and a win.
The next Millers victory didn’t arrive until September 30th 1995, but it arrived in style as we won 5-1 in front of 2,863 fans.
Rotherham had only won twice in the 10 opening League games that season, and although we had a Wembley final to look forward to that season, we had another season of struggle in Division 2.
The win over Peterborough along with a 4-1 victory at Hull were arguably the League highlights of the season.
Scorers against Posh were, Shaun Goater 2, Trevor Berry, Mike Jeffrey and Andy Roscoe with Lee Power replying for Peterborough.
The Millers team was….
1. Matt Clarke
2. Chris Wilder
3. Gary Bowyer (Mark Monington)
4. Neil Richardon
5. Ian Breckin
6. Paul Blades
7. Trevor Berry
8. Shaun Goodwin (Andy Hayward)
9. Mike Jeffrey
10 Shaun Goater
11 Andy Roscoe

The last meeting between the two sides at Millmoor came in front of 5,519 fans on November 25th 2000, as the Millers extended their unbeaten League run to 9 games with a 3-0 victory.
Guy Branston, Paul Hurst and Mark Robins goals kept the Millers in 4th position as the promotion push gathered momentum.
The Millers team for the day was…
1. Ian Gray
2. Rob Scott
3. Paul Hurst
4. Darren Garner
5. David Artell
6. Guy Branston
7. Kevin Watson
8. Mark Robins
9. Alan Lee
10 Paul Warne
11 Stewart Talbot

Overall this fixture has produced more than it’s fair share of draws in the past with 8 out of 13 games being drawn, but we are unbeaten at home against Peterborough in 9 games dating back to 1977….Here’s to making it 10 on Sunday against the Division’s free spending favourites for promotion.

Total record against Peterborough.

HOME. P 13 W 4 D 8 L 1 GOALS 21-11
AWAY. P 13 W 5 D 3 L 5 GOALS 23-18
CUPS. P 2 W 0 D 0 L 2 GOALS 0-4
TOTAL. P 28 W 9 D 11 L 8 GOALS 44-33

League Results
English Division Two
05.05.2001 Peterborough Utd 1-1 Rotherham Utd
25.11.2000 Rotherham Utd 3-0 Peterborough Utd

English Division Three
25.03.2000 Rotherham Utd 1-1 Peterborough Utd
26.12.1999 Peterborough Utd 0-5 Rotherham Utd
20.03.1999 Rotherham Utd 2-2 Peterborough Utd
31.10.1998 Peterborough Utd 2-4 Rotherham Utd
31.01.1998 Peterborough Utd 1-0 Rotherham Utd
13.09.1997 Rotherham Utd 2-2 Peterborough Utd

English Division Two
30.11.1996 Peterborough Utd 6-2 Rotherham Utd
26.10.1996 Rotherham Utd 2-0 Peterborough Utd
16.12.1995 Peterborough Utd 1-0 Rotherham Utd
30.09.1995 Rotherham Utd 5-1 Peterborough Utd
04.03.1995 Rotherham Utd 0-0 Peterborough Utd
24.09.1994 Peterborough Utd 2-2 Rotherham Utd

English Division Four (old)
04.04.1989 Rotherham Utd 1-1 Peterborough Utd
07.01.1989 Peterborough Utd 0-3 Rotherham Utd

English Division Three (old)
01.05.1979 Rotherham Utd 1-1 Peterborough Utd
16.04.1979 Peterborough Utd 1-1 Rotherham Utd
08.04.1978 Peterborough Utd 1-0 Rotherham Utd
12.11.1977 Rotherham Utd 0-1 Peterborough Utd
22.01.1977 Rotherham Utd 0-0 Peterborough Utd
21.08.1976 Peterborough Utd 0-2 Rotherham Utd
06.04.1976 Rotherham Utd 1-1 Peterborough Utd
27.09.1975 Peterborough Utd 1-3 Rotherham Utd

English Division Four (old)
11.05.1974 Rotherham Utd 3-1 Peterborough Utd
25.03.1974 Peterborough Utd 2-0 Rotherham Utd

Cup Results
FA Cup
11.11.2006 r1 Peterborough Utd 3-0 Rotherham Utd
03.01.1970 r3 Rotherham Utd 0-1 Peterborough Utd