Date: 22nd October 2017 at 10:18pm
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A few facts and figures of previous games between the Millers and the Gills

Rotherham United welcome Gillingham for their third visit to the New York Stadium this weekend.

The Millers and Gills have met fifty-six times in the past with the Millers winning eighteen of those games and Gillingham twenty-three.

November 2013 was the last time the Gills made the trip to Rotherham, a game that saw five goals. Nouha Dicko gave the hosts a nine minutes lead with Kieran Agard and Ben Pringle making it three-nil going into the half-time break. Cody McDonald made it three-one on the sixty-sixth minute but ten minutes later James Tavernier scored to make it a four-one Rotherham win.

When Gillingham came to the New York they were at the top of League Two in April 2013, but it was the Millers who had most of the position and were much the better side yet two goals from former Rotherham striker Deon Burton put the visitors two-up. Jason Taylor pulled one back twenty minutes before time but the home team couldn’t get another.

The last time the Millers beat the Gills ‘at home’ was at Don Valley in August 2011. Danny Harrison opened the scoring for Rotherham on fifty-three minutes with Lewis Grabban scoring the second ten minutes later and Gareth Evans scored number three on the seventy-eighth minute.

April 2007 saw Gillingham at Millmoor when both sides were in League One. The afternoon saw five goals with Delroy Facey getting the first on just seven minutes for the Millers only for Felix Bastians and Andrew Crofts to put the Gills two-one up going into the half-time break. With fifteen minutes to go Chris O’Grady equalised and then substitute Marc Newsham scored the winner for the Millers on eighty-six minutes, making it three-two.

Teams That Day

Wilson (Newsham)
Keane (Brogan)
Henderson (Cochrane)

Subs not used – Montgomery, Mills

Flynn (Pugh)
Bastians (Easton)
Subs not used – Johnson, Tonge

The first time Gillingham came to Millmoor was in August 1968 when a goal from Rotherham’s Jim Storrie was the only goal of the game in front of nearly ten and a half thousand fans.

League Games – Millers v Gills
League One
05.04.2014 Gillingham 3-4 Rotherham
30.11.2013 Rotherham 4-1 Gillingham

League Two
01.04.2013 Gillingham 1-0 Rotherham Utd
08.12.2012 Rotherham Utd 1-2 Gillingham
21.02.2012 Gillingham 0-0 Rotherham Utd
27.08.2011 Rotherham Utd 3-0 Gillingham
25.04.2011 Rotherham Utd 0-1 Gillingham
08.02.2011 Gillingham 3-1 Rotherham Utd
14.02.2009 Rotherham Utd 2-0 Gillingham
15.11.2008 Gillingham 4-0 Rotherham Utd

League One
07.04.2007 Rotherham Utd 3-2 Gillingham
25.11.2006 Gillingham 1-0 Rotherham Utd
28.01.2006 Gillingham 1-1 Rotherham Utd
10.09.2005 Rotherham Utd 3-0 Gillingham

League Championship
05.03.2005 Rotherham Utd 1-3 Gillingham
18.12.2004 Gillingham 3-1 Rotherham Utd

English Division One
20.03.2004 Gillingham 2-0 Rotherham Utd
27.09.2003 Rotherham Utd 1-1 Gillingham
15.03.2003 Gillingham 1-1 Rotherham Utd
12.10.2002 Rotherham Utd 1-1 Gillingham
26.02.2002 Rotherham Utd 3-2 Gillingham
22.09.2001 Gillingham 2-1 Rotherham Utd

Division Two
25.03.1997 Rotherham Utd 1-2 Gillingham
21.09.1996 Gillingham 3-1 Rotherham Utd

Division Four
15.02.1992 Gillingham 5-1 Rotherham Utd
14.12.1991 Rotherham Utd 1-1 Gillingham

Division Three
02.05.1988 Gillingham 0-2 Rotherham Utd
12.12.1987 Rotherham Utd 1-2 Gillingham
03.02.1987 Gillingham 1-0 Rotherham Utd
06.09.1986 Rotherham Utd 0-1 Gillingham
04.04.1986 Gillingham 3-0 Rotherham Utd
06.11.1985 Rotherham Utd 1-1 Gillingham
13.04.1985 Rotherham Utd 1-0 Gillingham
10.11.1984 Gillingham 2-1 Rotherham Utd
28.04.1984 Rotherham Utd 3-0 Gillingham
26.11.1983 Gillingham 4-2 Rotherham Utd
03.01.1981 Gillingham 0-0 Rotherham Utd
18.10.1980 Rotherham Utd 2-0 Gillingham
26.04.1980 Gillingham 0-1 Rotherham Utd
08.12.1979 Rotherham Utd 2-1 Gillingham
27.03.1979 Rotherham Utd 1-1 Gillingham
19.08.1978 Gillingham 0-0 Rotherham Utd
04.03.1978 Rotherham Utd 2-0 Gillingham
08.10.1977 Gillingham 2-1 Rotherham Utd
07.05.1977 Rotherham Utd 1-0 Gillingham
04.12.1976 Gillingham 1-2 Rotherham Utd
24.02.1976 Rotherham Utd 2-0 Gillingham
23.09.1975 Gillingham 0-0 Rotherham Utd

Division Four
03.10.1973 Gillingham 1-1 Rotherham Utd
18.09.1973 Rotherham Utd 1-1 Gillingham

Division Three
27.03.1971 Gillingham 2-1 Rotherham Utd
05.09.1970 Rotherham Utd 0-0 Gillingham
10.01.1970 Gillingham 1-1 Rotherham Utd
20.09.1969 Rotherham Utd 0-1 Gillingham
09.10.1968 Gillingham 2-0 Rotherham Utd
27.08.1968 Rotherham Utd 1-0 Gillingham