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A few facts and figures of previous games between the Millers and the Cottagers

Rotherham United make their first trip to Craven Cottage in almost twenty-one years to take on Fulham.

The last time the pair met in London was when both were in League Two with the game being a one-nil win for the hosts with the goal coming from Sean Farrell.

We have to go back to December 1992 the last time that Rotherham won at Craven Cottage in the league when a Nigel Johnson goal was the only goal of the game.

The first time the Cottagers and Millers met at Craven Cottage was on a Monday in September 1919 in the Old Division Two when the home side won three-nil.

The game at the New York Stadium earlier this season saw six goals. Three times the Millers were in the lead and three times the visitors pulled it back. Alex Revell opened the scoring on twenty-eight minutes but five minutes later Lee Frecklington brought down George Williams in the area and Ross McCormack equalised from the resulting spot-kick. Ten minutes into the second half an acrobatic shot from Jonson Clarke-Harris put the Millers back in front only for Cauley Woodrow to level just three minutes later. In the final five minutes of the game a shot from Ben Pringle deflected off Nikolay Boudurov past his own ‘keeper but as the Fourth Official was putting up the board for minutes added on the Millers conceded a corner which was headed in by Dan Burn to give the Cottagers a share of the spoils.

League Games – Millers v Cottagers

21.10.2014 Rotherham 3-3 Fulham

League Two
30.04.1994 Fulham 1-0 Rotherham
20.11.1993 Rotherham 1-2 Fulham
06.04.1993 Rotherham 1-1 Fulham
12.12.1992 Fulham 0-1 Rotherham

(Old) Division Three
23.03.1991 Rotherham 3-1 Fulham
06.10.1990 Fulham 2-0 Rotherham
20.03.1990 Rotherham 2-1 Fulham
14.10.1989 Fulham 1-1 Rotherham
04.04.1988 Fulham 3-1 Rotherham
21.11.1987 Rotherham 0-2 Fulham
17.02.1987 Fulham 1-1 Rotherham
23.08.1986 Rotherham 0-0 Fulham

(Old) Division Two
15.01.1983 Rotherham 0-1 Fulham
28.081982 Fulham 1-1 Rotherham

(Old) Division Three
15.11.1980 Fulham 1-1 Rotherham
16.08.1980 Rotherham 2-2 Fulham
13.03.1971 Fulham 1-0 Rotherham
14.11.1970 Rotherham 1-1 Fulham
28.02.1970 Fulham 3-2 Rotherham
18.10.1969 Rotherham 0-0 Fulham

(Old) Division Two
25.04.1959 Fulham 4-0 Rotherham
06.12.1958 Rotherham 4-0 Fulham
01.05.1958 Fulham 3-1 Rotherham
09.11.1957 Rotherham 3-1 Fulham
02.02.1957 Rotherham 4-3 Fulham
22.09.1956 Fulham 3-1 Rotherham
11.02.1956 Fulham 1-1 Rotherham
01.10.1955 Rotherham 2-3 Fulham
19.03.1955 Fulham 1-1 Rotherham
30.10.1954 Rotherham 2-3 Fulham
16.09.1953 Fulham 2-4 Rotherham
07.09.1953 Rotherham 3-2 Fulham
18.02.1953 Fulham 4-1 Rotherham
27.09.1952 Rotherham 1-0 Fulham
24.02.1923 Fulham 1-2 Rotherham
17.02.1923 Rotherham 1-3 Fulham
29.10.1921 Rotherham 1-0 Fulham
22.10.1921 Fulham 4-0 Rotherham
02.04.1921 Rotherham 2-0 Fulham
26.03.1921 Fulham 1-0 Rotherham
27.12.1919 Rotherham 1-1 Fulham
29.09.1919 Fulham 3-0 Rotherham

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