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A few facts and figures of previous games between the Millers and the Seagulls

Rotherham United welcome Brighton and Hove Albion to the New York Stadium in what will be the forty-fourth league meeting between the sides.

The last time the pair met on Rotherham soil was at Millmoor at the beginning of the 2006/7 season when both sides were in League One. A certain Alex Revell scored the only goal of the game two minutes before the end of the first half with Dean Cox seeing a second yellow card and early bath two minutes later. His first yellow card was for joining in with Revell’s celebration and his second a couple of minutes later his mistimed tackle on Lee Williamson was his last of the day! The Millers fielded eight players making their home debuts on the day.

Teams That Day
Keane (Wiseman)
Bopp (Woods)
Hibbert (Taylor)
Subs not used – Montgomery, Robertson

Revell (Kazim-Richards)(Robinson)

Subs not used – Kuipers, Lowe, Frutos,

The last time the Millers beat Brighton at Millmoor was in September 2002 when an Alan Lee goal on twenty minutes was the only goal of the game.

In March 1995 Brighton came to Millmoor on a Tuesday night and the game saw seven goals. The Millers were the winner four-three with goals from Andy Roscoe, Shaun Goater and Ian Breckin plus an own goal from Stuart Munday (although it has also been credited to Nathan Peel). Brighton’s goals were scored by Stuart Myall, John Byrne and Paul Byrne.

The first time the teams met at Millmoor was in the Old Division Two in October 1958. Brighton won the game one-nil.

The game earlier this season was a one-all draw. Joe Bennett scored just before half-time with Alex Revell equalising three minutes into the second half.

League Games – Millers v Albion
25.10.2014 Brighton 1-1 Rotherham

League One
03.02.2007 Brighton 0-0 Rotherham
05.08.2006 Rotherham 0-1 Brighton

30.04.2005 Rotherham 0-1 Brighton
04.12.2004 Brighton 1-0 Rotherham
08.03.2003 Brighton 2-0 Rotherham
21.09.2002 Rotherham 1-0 Brighton

League Two
15.04.2000 Brighton 1-1 Rotherham
28.12.1999 Rotherham 1-3 Brighton
01.05.1999 Rotherham 2-1 Brighton
12.12.1998 Brighton 4-1 Rotherham
03.03.1998 Rotherham 0-0 Brighton
08.11.1997 Brighton 1-2 Rotherham

League One
30.03.1996 Brighton 1-1 Rotherham
07.10.1995 Rotherham 1-0 Brighton
28.03.1995 Rotherham 4-3 Brighton
29.10.1994 Brighton 1-1 Rotherham
05.02.1994 Rotherham 0-1 Brighton
23.10.1993 Brighton 0-2 Rotherham
24.04.1993 Brighton 1-2 Rotherham
17.10.1992 Rotherham 1-0 Brighton
Division Three (Old)
16.03.1988 Rotherham 1-0 Brighton
16.09.1987 Brighton 1-1 Rotherham
12.02.1977 Rotherham 0-0 Brighton
04.09.1976 Brighton 3-1 Rotherham
03.04.1976 Rotherham 1-1 Brighton
16.08.1975 Brighton 3-0 Rotherham
26.04.1972 Brighton 2-1 Rotherham
31.08.1971 Rotherham 2-4 Brighton
03.04.1971 Rotherham 2-0 Brighton
29/08.1970 Brighton 1-1 Rotherham
08.04.1970 Brighton 2-1 Rotherham
25.11.1969 Rotherham 2-0 Brighton
29.03.1969 Rotherham 1-1 Brighton
07.09.1968 Brighton 2-2 Rotherham

English Division 2 (old)
10.02.1962 Brighton 0-3 Rotherham
23.09.1961 Rotherham 2-1 Brighton
19.04.1961 Rotherham 5-2 Brighton
10.09.1960 Brighton 1-0 Rotherham
26.03.1960 Brighton 6-0 Rotherham
07.11.1959 Rotherham 1-0 Brighton
21.02.1959 Brighton 3-0 Rotherham
04.10.1958 Rotherham 0-1 Brighton

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