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A few facts and figures of previous games between the Millers and the Bees

Rotherham United make the trip to Griffin Park this afternoon when they take on Brentford.

The game last season away at Brentford saw Alan Judge open the scoring on just two minutes but a Joe Mattock goal just after half-time equalised for the visitors. But ten minutes later Judge struck again winning the game for the Bees. Alan McCormack and Toumani Diagouraga for the hosts and Rotherham’s Richie Smallwood and Manu Ledesma saw yellow during the game.

The season before the Millers made the journey in January and a Stuart Dallas goal on fifty-seven minutes gave the hosts all three points. Adam Hammill and Richie Smallwood saw yellow cards that day.

The last time the Millers won at Griffin Park was in League One in October 2013 thanks to a Mark Bradley goal on fourteen minutes. Referee Oliver Langford had a very busy afternoon that day showing seven yellow cards – Alan McCormack for the Bees and the Millers’ Mark Bradley, Lee Frecklington, Rob Milsom, Ben Pringle, Alex Revell and Kieran Agard.

The Millers best away win at Brentford was probably on 11 November 2000 when three first half goals for the visitors saw them take all three points. Stewart Talbot opened the scoring on three minutes and scored another two minutes before the half ended with Alan Lee getting one in between. It was also the battle of the two Scott brothers – Rob being the winner against Andy that day.

Teams That Day
Marshall (Williams)
Evans (McCammon)

Subs not used – Javary, Smith, Partridge


Subs not used – Pettinger, Varty, Bryan, Monkhouse, Lemarchand

The first time the Millers met on Brentford soil was in the Old Division Two in August 1951 with the Bees winning the game two-nil.

Earlier this season the game at the New York Stadium saw Alan Stubbs only win of his short lived career in charge of the Millers when the only goal of the game on thirty-two minutes from Danny Ward gave Rotherham all three points.

Millers v Bees League Results
The Championship
20.08.2016 Rotherham 1-0 Brentford
27.02.2016 Rotherham 2-1 Brentford
17,10.15 Brentford 2-1 Rotherham
10.01.2015 Brentford 1-0 Rotherham
30.08.2014 Rotherham 0-2 Brentford

English League One
25.03. 2014 Rotherham 3-0 Brentford
05.10.2013 Brentford 0-1 Rotherham

English League Two
07.03.2009 Rotherham United 0-0 Brentford
30.08.2008 Brentford 0-0 Rotherham United
05.04.2008 Rotherham United 1-2 Brentford
12.10.2007 Brentford 1-1 Rotherham United

English League One
17.03.2007 Brentford 0-1 Rotherham United
14.10.2006 Rotherham United 2-0 Brentford
15.04.2006 Rotherham United 2-2 Brentford
01.10.2005 Brentford 2-1 Rotherham United

English Division Two
28.04.2001 Rotherham United 2-1 Brentford
11.11.2000 Brentford 0-3 Rotherham United

English Division Three
20.02.1999 Rotherham United 2-4 Brentford
12.09.1998 Brentford 0-3 Rotherham United

English Division Two
11.04.1997 Rotherham United 0-1 Brentford
05.10.1996 Brentford 4-2 Rotherham United
27.02.1996 Brentford 1-1 Rotherham United
09.09.1995 Rotherham United 1-0 Brentford
18.03.1995 Rotherham United 0-2 Brentford
30.08.1994 Brentford 2-0 Rotherham United
26.02.1994 Brentford 2-2 Rotherham United
04.09.1993 Rotherham United 2-0 Brentford

English Division Three
02.02.1991 Brentford 1-2 Rotherham United
18.09.1990 Rotherham United 2-2 Brentford
03.03.1990 Rotherham United 2-1 Brentford
06.01.1990 Brentford 4-2 Rotherham United
17.02.1988 Rotherham United 2-0 Brentford
05.09.1987 Brentford 1-1 Rotherham United
02.05.1987 Brentford 2-0 Rotherham United
30.11.1986 Rotherham United 2-3 Brentford
01.03.1986 Rotherham United 1-2 Brentford
28.09.1985 Brentford 1-1 Rotherham United
23.04.1985 Brentford 3-0 Rotherham United
18.09.1984 Rotherham United 1-1 Brentford
07.04.1984 Rotherham United 4-0 Brentford
20.03.1984 Brentford 2-1 Rotherham United
25.04.1981 Brentford 2-1 Rotherham United
20.12.1980 Rotherham United 4-1 Brentford
29.03.1980 Brentford 0-1 Rotherham United
17.11.1979 Rotherham United 4-2 Brentford
23.04.1979 Brentford 1-0 Rotherham United
17.10.1978 Rotherham United 1-0 Brentford

English Division Four
04.02.1975 Rotherham United 3-0 Brentford
16.09.1974 Brentford 3-4 Rotherham United
16.03.1974 Rotherham United 1-1 Brentford
20.10.1973 Brentford 1-1 Rotherham United

English Division Three
06.03.1973 Rotherham United 2-1 Brentford
13.01.1973 Brentford 1-1 Rotherham United

English Division Two
03.04.1954 Rotherham United 1-1 Brentford
28.11.1953 Brentford 0-1 Rotherham United
04.04.1953 Brentford 1-1 Rotherham United
15.11.1952 Rotherham United 4-1 Brentford
22.12.1951 Rotherham United 1-1 Brentford
25.08.1951 Brentford 2-0 Rotherham United