Date: 27th March 2009 at 9:18am
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Rotherham United`s Chief Administrator, Paul Douglas has been with the Millers for a few seasons now and twice seen them nearly go out of business. But, with the current financial climate or the ‘credit crunch` as it`s being named, it has been said that as many as ten football clubs could find themselves in dire straits and, Douglas, for one, thinks that one of the reasons is the ridiculous wages that players are being paid.

Speaking to The Advertiser, Mr Douglas said, ‘A large number of clubs are not operating on a proper business footing and are relying on benefactors who are no longer in a position to help as they have done in the past. And, barring one or two exceptions, all clubs are paying wages on twice the number of people they have coming through the gates.

‘We are soon going to be saying to players ‘you are going to be paid by how many people are prepared to watch, sponsorship and advertise with your club.“

Football League Chairman, Lord Mawhinney has had meetings with League Chairman with ‘player wages` being top of the agenda. Lord Mawhinney has said that he doesn`t want to see money disappearing into players and their agent`s pockets as it has done in the past and it is possible that salary caps could soon be introduced.

‘League Two has a sixty per cent of turnover salary cap,` Mr Douglas carried on. ‘But, there is no salary cap in the Premiership, Championship or League One. Lord Mawhinney is trying to get all the Chairman to agree to a salary cap that would be a set amount, not a percentage, with a different figure applying to each division.

‘All in all the Football League are trying to bring common sense into it but it`s not easy to change established attitudes. But, if the reality is that five or ten clubs could go in the next twelve months then clearly, something has to be done.`