Date: 24th January 2019 at 3:18pm
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Rotherham United are hoping to have brought in a new player before this weekend’s game with Leeds United.

Speaking to iFOLLOW Millers Manager Paul Warne said that he and his assistant Richie Barker had been speaking to an ‘attacking player’ this week who they are hopeful of getting through the door before the weekend.

As well as this player the Millers Boss said they had a few more ‘on the hook’ and he is hoping to add another two before the window closes at the end of the month.

He was also asked about midfielder Richie Towell who is in his second loan spell with Rotherham.

‘We want him on a permanent,’ Warne admitted, ‘but I don’t think that’s going to happen. If it doesn’t we will revisit it at the end of the season.’ Richie is on loan from Brighton and Hove Albion and this season has scored three goals in eighteen appearances.

Fetching in another ‘attacking player’ might be what a lot of Millers fans are after but, we do actually have a number of forwards at the club including Jerry Yates who had his loan spell with Carlisle cut short when we re-called him. We also have Kyle Vassell who is getting back to fitness and, eventually, Jamie Proctor, providing once he’s back to being fit we can keep him there.

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6 Replies to “One In Before Saturday?”

  • So Mr calamity Warne is hopeful of of bringing a attacking player in and as more on the hook! Yeah right we have heard all this before haven’t we, smells like bulll**** to me, its about time Mr calamity Warne rode off into the sunset never to return, we the supporters have yet again had to swallow the crap spouted out by cigar chomping buffoon stewart, stand corrected OBE MR TONY STEWART and Mr Good guy Paul calamity Warne, let’s hope Leeds aren’t too brutal on saturday, then again excuse after excuse will be trotted out again.

  • I can’t get optimistic after previous attempts by the club to bring players in. The situation with Towell isn’t a surprise as Brighton will wait till the summer and sell him to the highest bidder which won’t be Rotherham. Despite all he says he too will want a high fee move to maximise his share. There was a reluctance to loan him to us this summer. The only players we can afford are likely to be subsidised loan players and lower division hopefuls. It’s a definite route to Division one. We provide a shop window for loanees who then pop up all too often playing against us the following season. This sticking plaster policy has to change with the waste of money it is. We should invest sensibly but realistically for our level and purchase the right players.
    I cast my mind back to the Anton Johnson era and the kudos at that time albeit a bit short lived. Our hero’s Ronnie Moore John Seasman and Tony Townes were purchased for an eye watering fee at that time and it sent a shudder through both the Sheffield Clubs. Being a Miller at that time felt great but it actually was the roots of our later demise and our fall into hands of Mr Booth and family.
    I guess these are the real lessons that Should have been learned and if not the so called ‘financial fair play rules’ should be applied.
    Wow!!!! Talk about. ‘Old wine in new bottles’.
    Mr Stewart could look for an additional investor but that woul dent his ‘one man Mr Miller ego’
    The closure of this transfer window will certainly outline the Ambition shown by the club.

  • It’s same as every year,promises promises.nowt happens except relegation. Ipswich have pushed the boat out and signed a few. After the recent diabolical run of results, and the income from Man City game I think the fans deserve some hope with a couple of decent players who don’t need full time hospitalisation.
    As the one’s we usually get do. Come on Mr Stewart unzip the wallet and give it a go. I remember in the good old days when we got Jonny Fatham and the Mighty Quinn form Sheffield Wednesday. Will we ever
    Get back to that Level. Up the Millers. Fingers crossed ????

  • I’ve got to say, I take little notice of ‘we might be trying, could have someone in’ etc anymore. I can’t see us fetching anyone in that is above League One at the moment. It’s not just the cost of the player it’s his wages plus any add ons that, I imagine, will scupper any good deal we want to make. I think our best bet is a loan player until the end of the season – where from, I don’t know.

  • The loan system is also a bit of a lottery as the best players are auctioned and we have very little to bid with compared with bigger clubs. There’s the signing on fee and upto 100% of their wages to pay by the borrowing club .Theres also Warnes ‘good person ‘ test to pass which seems stupid as we can’t really afford to be that choosy. It just needs Mr Stewart to invest if he wants the luxury of the championship rather than the butties at Barnet. UTM.

    • Yes, Bry, you are right saying we have little to bid with. I actually think we are two ‘good’ players away from being an adequate Championship club. But, as you say, those players cost money and nobody seems to want to use any at the moment.

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