Date: 8th April 2020 at 10:25pm
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Rotherham United could re-start this season, which is currently postponed because of the coronavirus, with an updated rule.

The new handball rule will use the ‘T-shirt line’ which will differentiate between the arm and shoulder, was due to be ready to go at the beginning of next season, but when this current season starts up again the International Football Association have given competitions the choice to use this rule.

Jonathan Ford, Chief Executive of the Football Association of Wales spoke to the BBC saying that the change to the law is ‘basically a clarification as to where exactly does the arm start in the case of handball and where does the shoulder finish.’

This, in my eyes, can only be better for handball when it’s clear what handball actually is. But, of course, it doesn’t mean that the officials are going to see handball any more than they have been doing in the past does it.

But what’s the betting that we see shoulder lines on football shirts drop down the arm making the shoulder look like it finishes before it actually does?!

Personally, I’d actually like the powers who be to sort the offside rule out so everyone from the players, to the officials to us fans know what ‘offside’ actually means. But, of course, this might just be me.

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