Date: 10th September 2019 at 4:17pm
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Rotherham United will be having a change on Saturday and it’s nothing to do with the team or kit – it’s the dugouts!

The Millers backroom staff and substitutes will swap dugouts and sit in what, until this weekend, has been the ‘away’ dugout.

Speaking to the Official Site Manager Paul Warne admits that some of it is due to superstition saying, ‘We haven’t done well at home this season and we are a little superstitious and I know, in the past, other clubs have done it.

‘It might help, it might not. If we win we’ll stop there, if we lose we could move back up the hill.

‘All the staff had their say and they feel it might help.’

One thing Warney hasn’t mentioned is that the linesman, on that side of the pitch, runs past what was the away dugout – so maybe our staff might be able to help him out when he has a difficult decision to make!

The Millers take on Bolton Wanderers on Saturday who are fetching a fair sized crowd with them so it will be interesting to see if the move works.

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4 Replies to “Millers To Have A Move”

  • This seems to be clutching at straws as it’s a strange move. How did we get promoted before ? We didn’t need to change dugouts under Steve Evens and even Warney last time when we got to the Championship. I just wonder what next !!!! Perhaps they will move the goal posts few feet or as we Did at Don Valley raise one set by a few inches.
    Come on Warney just wise up to the fact that in modern football you have to be ready and able to play and keep discipline for 100 mins. You also need to take chances in the early stages of games as it showed at Shrewsbury.
    One factor that does help our opposition is the great playing surface which makes other teams able to raise their game. It’s a pity we can’t use Ronnie’s tactics of not rolling the pitch or watering it which worked a treat against ball playing teams whilst we went direct. The ploughed fields of the late 80’s certainly required stamina and some other clever moves by our Ronnie including narrowing the pitch at Millmoor to combat teams with nippy wingers in order to help our full backs. These moves come to mind but I’m sure there must be others which whilst not completely in the spirit of the game have been used to gain an advantage.
    Let’s hope the dugout move works for us. UTM.

    • Let’s hope it does, Bry. I love it that our pitch looks supreme but have to take your point about the other teams upping their game on it. And I do question is it better to win accolades for the state of the pitch or is it better to get points?

  • Please can we change the canapé where the players enter the pitch from blue to red we don’t seem to have done that well since it was blue and after all if we are superstitious red is the colour not blue

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