Date: 13th May 2008 at 11:25am
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The last Premiership games have been played, the players are either looking forward to their holidays or towards International games. So, let’s see how the Millers Fantasy League ended!

1 mvmillers mvmiller 1343
2 TV’s Allstars TheVillager 1247
3 supermiller1884 super1884 1224
4 NAY MR. WILKS Handy Haddock 1178
5 Phil’s Pair O’Dice Horace Storie (aka TDH) 1178
6 Boston Millers Geoff 1171
7 sneaky divers t powder 1125
8 Costalot fc snoz 1070
9 WinningXI NeilMuz 1034
10 BritoyFC darren sewell 1031
11 cloughy’s clarets Danny Clough 1014
12 The Urnderdogs James 1004
13 Fuller’s Hit Poo 997
14 Millersrkillers Millersrkillers 994
15 Mexbro Millers The Lackie 986
16 born to win! sefton howie 961
17 what was i thinking john 942
18 taffsredarmy Martyn Williams 906
19 zips tips I LOVE JENNIFER 899
20 Caz’s Gang Caz 893
21 Millers All Stars Seamoose 878
22 Bez’s Boys Bez 872
23 scunny miller jack bower 866
24 railwayenders mugs railwayenders mugs 864
25 Bigrich 798
26 Billy Bob kirsty 740
27 winf united ryan whinfrey 694
28 millers1966 millers1966 578
29 The Guy Above Me Is Gay …He is, really 465
30 Juas Giants Joeytapatoni 230

At the end of the season we had thirty teams in our league, with quite a few joining late on – let’s hope they get in a bit earlier next season and give the top few a run for their money! Although, I suppose that could send me into the bottom three!

I suppose, since around Christmas time there’s only really been six teams in it – and it’s a big Congratulations to top of the League – mvmillers managed by the man himself, mvmiller! who finished 96 points in front of The Villager (yes, TV, I got my calculator out!)

MV actually finished 24th in the whole league which is a great achievement – take a bow MV!

So, that’s another season over. Thank you all for joining in – and keep an eye out for the start of the Vital Fantasy League next season – after all, it won’t be long….