Date: 3rd June 2021 at 8:56pm
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Rotherham United Chairman Tony Stewart says that the disappointment and the soreness of dropping down into League One might take a bit of time to wear off.

Speaking to Radio Sheffield this evening Mr Stewart said that the club hierarchy have had a ‘serious post-mortem’ and had the meetings where, among other things, they looked at recruitment, the need to score more goals and also at where it went wrong last season and what could be done to change that.

‘We now need to put into practice what we discussed at the meeting,’ the Millers Chairman said. ‘Mine and the Board’s ambition is to move this club forward and we are more determined than we ever have been and we will make sure, as costly as it is, that we will do everything we can to win every game. We are all learning and moving forward and I’d like the club to prove the point rather than verbally make the point.

‘Due care and attention has been taken given the fact that we haven’t had the revenue coming in and we are in as fit a shape as we can be moving forward into League One. We’ve got something to prove and that’s what we are going to set out to do this coming season.’

Talking about the transfer market Mr Stewart said it was quiet compared to previous seasons but said that he found it complimentary that there had already been calls about a few of the Rotherham players from Championship clubs. Although he wouldn’t put names to those players the Chairman did say that there had been four different enquiries for players But when he was asked if anyone had come in for the Millers’ management staff it was an emphatic ‘No’ from the Chairman who went on to say, ‘We believe we have a manager, and his team behind him, who can do what they didn’t do last season. And there is a lot of trust and a lot of expectations that go with that.’

Obviously the Chairman can’t wait to get the fans back into the New York Stadium with no restrictions but there has nothing been ‘rubber stamped’ as yet as to if/when that will be.

I think a lot of fans will be expecting our ‘big named’ players to be elsewhere come the start of next season and with that comes the expectation of fetching in new players who can at least fill their boots if not be better. So, its good to hear that the club is in a good state financially and that recruitment has already been talked about so, I suppose, it is now a case of getting the players in who will do us a good job for the next few seasons, and, for me, I’d like that to be sooner rather than later.

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8 Replies to “Millers Chairman ‘We’ve Got Something To Prove’”

  • its a hard one, before the season starts , my view is the more of the best players rotherham sell , the worse it will be to bounce back to the championship, for warne to praise the team so much suggests keep not sell ,i have said before warne is very good at getting rufc promoted from one to the championship and equaly as good at getting rufc back from the championship to one , so a new manager when back in the champioship , warne tells so often how proud he is of the team , are rufc and powers that be motivated by selling their best team members , money money money, and replace somehow for less ,

    • I think quite a lot of it is also to do with the players’ agents who obviously will want their player in as high a league as possible, Jeff. But Rotherham always seem to be a team who have sold their best players.

  • hi gaz i think nr stewart has hinted we will buy earley he and warnie know we need goals to prosper lets hope w e wont be afraid to spend a coin or two to show willing of to whitby gaz bit f fishing while rotherham utd are fishing for players up the millers dermot fox

  • caz tony stewart can talk the talk but can he walk the walk, what we fans need to see is action not just talk day after day of nothing happening as for waiting for tranfer season to get moving is rubish get in there and get some players, and if the players they have now are waiting better offers sticik em on the transfer list. looking at the players releast by clubs ther are hundreds though the divisions c i l

    • I believe there is only Olosunde who is dragging his heels, CinL – or, as I said on an earlier post, his agent. At least the one’s who matter have finally realised we need a goal scorer!

  • I feel the Millers are the “Southampton of league 1”. Why?
    We are financially OK.
    We have a sound recruiting team. They find the raw talent and hand them over to the Manager and his staff.
    They help them to be the best they can. Get them fit. Improve their talent and the let the move on.
    Vaults, Adjaye , Yates. to name but three.
    Their transfer fees help keep us afloat.
    Then we start the whole process again.
    Finally, I have been expecting for a while now that Championship will implode at some point. Financially speaking.
    I believe the implosion has arrived. Derby, Wednesday, Reading, Birmingham and a few others. But Thanks to Tony Stewart, that list doesn’t include the Millers. Thanks Mr Chairman, stay ambitious , but within our means.
    Regards Stephen

    • Can’t disagree with anything you say there, Stephen. Although, I do wonder if we ask too little when we sell our players? But yes, when you look at the teams you mentioned then we have to know how lucky we are.

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