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Head-to-Head – Millers v Ipswich Town

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Rotherham United welcome Ipswich Town to the New York Stadium for the next League One game.

Ipswich were last in Rotherham in January 2020 which saw a forty-second Richard Wood header enough to send the Millers to the top of League One with the one-nil win.

August 2018 also saw the Tractor Boys at the New York Stadium this time in the Championship which was also a one-nil home win when a late Michael Smith goal giving Rotherham the win. And it was another one-nil win in April 2017 when a goal ten minutes from time from Tom Adeyemi gave again gave the Millers all three points.

November 2015 saw the Tractor Boys at the New York Stadium in a game that saw seven goals. Brett Pitman, Jonathon Douglas and Daryl Murphy gave the visitors a three-nil lead going into the half-time break and it got worse four minutes into the second half when Murphy scored again. Brandon Barker and Matt Derbyshire halved the deficit but Murphy got his hat-trick on seventy-two minutes to make it five-two to Ipswich. The only card of the game went to Harry Toffolo for the Millers.

In February 2015 Ipswich came to the New York Stadium when the Millers were in twentieth place in the Championship and the Tractor Boys in fourth. Matt Derbyshire opened the scoring on thirty-eight minutes and Conor Salmon made it two against his former club in the second half to give the hosts all three points. Two yellow cards were shown that day – to Town’s Cole Skuse and to Zeki Fryers of the Millers.

The last time Ipswich were at Millmoor was in August 2004. The game was a two-nil win for the Tractor Boys with Shefki Kuqi scoring two minutes before half-time and two minutes after half-time.

The game at Portman Road earlier this season saw goals from Ben Wiles and Shane Ferguson give the Millers a two-nil win.

League Games – Rotherham v Ipswich

League One
23.11.2021 Ipswich 0-2 Rotherham
28.01.2020 Rotherham 1-0 Ipswich
23.10.2019 Ipswich 0-2 Rotherham
12.01.2019 Ipswich 1-0 Rotherham
11.08.2018 Rotherham 1-0 Ipswich
22.04.2017 Rotherham 1-0 Ipswich
29.10.2016 Ipswich 2-2 Rotherham
19.03.2016 Ipswich 0-1 Rotherham
07.11.2015 Rotherham 2-5 Ipswich
07.02.2015 Rotherham 2-0 Ipswich
27.09.2014 Ipswich 2-0 Rotherham
05.05.2005 Ipswich 4-3 Rotherham
28.08.2004 Rotherham 0-2 Ipswich
Division One
10.04.2004 Rotherham 1-3 Ipswich
04.10.2003 Ipswich 2-1 Rotherham
21.04.2003 Rotherham 2-1 Ipswich
07.12.2002 Ipswich 1-2 Rotherham
Division Two (Old)
13.04.1968 Ipswich 2-0 Rotherham
18.11.1967 Rotherham 1-3 Ipswich
15.04.1967 Rotherham 0-2 Ipswich
19.11.1966 Ipswich 3-2 Rotherham
30.04.1966 Rotherham 0-0 Ipswich
04.12.1965 Ipswich 0-0 Rotherham
20.02.1964 Rotherham 2-2 Ipswich
10.10.1964 Ipswich 4-4 Rotherham
04.02.1961 Ipswich 1-1 Rotherham
17.09.1960 Rotherham 1-1 Ipswich
05.03.1960 Rotherham 1-4 Ipswich
17.10.1959 Ipswich 2-3 Rotherham
23.04.1959 Rotherham 1-2 Ipswich
13.12.1958 Ipswich 1-0 Rotherham
28.12.1957 Rotherham 1-4 Ipswich
31.08.1957 Ipswich 1-2 Rotherham
18.12.1954 Ipswich 2-2 Rotherham
21.08.1954 Rotherham 3-2 Ipswich

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