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Head-to-Head – Millers v Gillingham

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Rotherham United travel to Kent for their next away game where they take on Gillingham.

The Millers were last at Priestfield Road in November 2019 which saw them get a third away victory in a row. After having a penalty saved on eighteen minutes Michael Smith made amends a minute later when a mix-up in the home defence saw him slip the ball into an empty net. Former Rotherham Manager Steve Evans, then with Gillingham, was booked for dissent by referee Lee Swabey and he won’t have been any happier when he saw Matt Crooks allowed to run free before making it two-nil just before half-time. With two minutes to go Crooks scored again giving the visitors a three-nil victory.

April 2018 was also a victory for Rotherham at Gillingham with Will Vaulks scoring the only goal of the game on twenty minutes.

Four years earlier the pair again met at the Priestfield Stadium in a game which saw seven goals. The game was just two minutes old when Kieran Agard opened the scoring for the visitors but on the half-hour mark Adebayo Akinfenwa equalised for Gillingham. Myles Weston put the hosts in front on fifty-seven minutes with Tom Hitchcock equalising for the Millers twelve minutes later. Bradley Dack put Gillingham back in front six minutes from time but Hitchcock scored two late goals to claim the match ball and give the Millers all three points.

Gillingham last beat Rotherham on home soil in League Two which was on April Fool’s Day/Easter Monday in 2013 when the only goal of the game came from former Miller Deon Burton on the twenty-second minute.

In November 2008 the Millers suffered their worst defeat of the 2007/8 season at Gillingham. Simon King put the Gills in front on just six minutes with the Millers having three chances to level from Micky Cummins, Richie Barker and Nick Fenton who Gills ‘keeper Simon Royce made a great save from. On forty minutes Danny Harrison and Barry Fuller went for a fifty-fifty ball with referee Richard Beeby deeming the Millers midfielder had gone in two-footed and showed him a red card. The Millers came out quickly for the second half and when Reuben Reid found himself tripped in the box as he was about to shoot his appeal for a penalty fell on deaf ears and Mr Beeby booked the Millers striker for diving. Thirteen minutes into the second half a fierce shot was well saved by Andy Warrington in the Millers goal but it rebounded to Adam Miller who slotted the ball in the net. Garry Richards made it three-nil on seventy-eight minutes with Luis Cumbers bundling one over the line with two minutes to go to make it a four-nil win for the home side.

The first time the sides met in Gillingham was in October 1968 when the Gills were two-nil winners.

After Olly Lee had put the visitors in front on just five minutes the Millers woke up at the New York Stadium in December. Freddie Ladapo and Mickel Miller gave Rotherham a two-one lead going in at half-time with a penalty just before the hour mark from Dan Barlaser made it three-one. Ryan Jackson was shown a second yellow for hauling down Chieo Ogbene in the box with Barlaser missing the resulting spot-kick on seventy-one minutes. But he made amends ten minutes later with the Millers fourth goal and Ogbene scored in the final minute to make it a five-one home win.

League Games – Millers v Gills
League One
07.12.2021 Rotherham 5-1 Gillingham
02.11.2019 Gillingham 0-3 Rotherham
17.04.2018 Gillingham 0-1 Rotherham
28.10.2017 Rotherham 1-3 Gillingham
05.04.2014 Gillingham 3-4 Rotherham
30.11.2013 Rotherham 4-1 Gillingham

League Two
01.04.2013 Gillingham 1-0 Rotherham Utd
08.12.2012 Rotherham Utd 1-2 Gillingham
21.02.2012 Gillingham 0-0 Rotherham Utd
27.08.2011 Rotherham Utd 3-0 Gillingham
25.04.2011 Rotherham Utd 0-1 Gillingham
08.02.2011 Gillingham 3-1 Rotherham Utd
14.02.2009 Rotherham Utd 2-0 Gillingham
15.11.2008 Gillingham 4-0 Rotherham Utd

League One
07.04.2007 Rotherham Utd 3-2 Gillingham
25.11.2006 Gillingham 1-0 Rotherham Utd
28.01.2006 Gillingham 1-1 Rotherham Utd
10.09.2005 Rotherham Utd 3-0 Gillingham

League Championship
05.03.2005 Rotherham Utd 1-3 Gillingham
18.12.2004 Gillingham 3-1 Rotherham Utd

English Division One
20.03.2004 Gillingham 2-0 Rotherham Utd
27.09.2003 Rotherham Utd 1-1 Gillingham
15.03.2003 Gillingham 1-1 Rotherham Utd
12.10.2002 Rotherham Utd 1-1 Gillingham
26.02.2002 Rotherham Utd 3-2 Gillingham
22.09.2001 Gillingham 2-1 Rotherham Utd

Division Two
25.03.1997 Rotherham Utd 1-2 Gillingham
21.09.1996 Gillingham 3-1 Rotherham Utd

Division Four
15.02.1992 Gillingham 5-1 Rotherham Utd
14.12.1991 Rotherham Utd 1-1 Gillingham

Division Three
02.05.1988 Gillingham 0-2 Rotherham Utd
12.12.1987 Rotherham Utd 1-2 Gillingham
03.02.1987 Gillingham 1-0 Rotherham Utd
06.09.1986 Rotherham Utd 0-1 Gillingham
04.04.1986 Gillingham 3-0 Rotherham Utd
06.11.1985 Rotherham Utd 1-1 Gillingham
13.04.1985 Rotherham Utd 1-0 Gillingham
10.11.1984 Gillingham 2-1 Rotherham Utd
28.04.1984 Rotherham Utd 3-0 Gillingham
26.11.1983 Gillingham 4-2 Rotherham Utd
03.01.1981 Gillingham 0-0 Rotherham Utd
18.10.1980 Rotherham Utd 2-0 Gillingham
26.04.1980 Gillingham 0-1 Rotherham Utd
08.12.1979 Rotherham Utd 2-1 Gillingham
27.03.1979 Rotherham Utd 1-1 Gillingham
19.08.1978 Gillingham 0-0 Rotherham Utd
04.03.1978 Rotherham Utd 2-0 Gillingham
08.10.1977 Gillingham 2-1 Rotherham Utd
07.05.1977 Rotherham Utd 1-0 Gillingham
04.12.1976 Gillingham 1-2 Rotherham Utd
24.02.1976 Rotherham Utd 2-0 Gillingham
23.09.1975 Gillingham 0-0 Rotherham Utd

Division Four
03.10.1973 Gillingham 1-1 Rotherham Utd
18.09.1973 Rotherham Utd 1-1 Gillingham

Division Three
27.03.1971 Gillingham 2-1 Rotherham Utd
05.09.1970 Rotherham Utd 0-0 Gillingham
10.01.1970 Gillingham 1-1 Rotherham Utd
20.09.1969 Rotherham Utd 0-1 Gillingham
09.10.1968 Gillingham 2-0 Rotherham Utd
27.08.1968 Rotherham Utd 1-0 Gillingham

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